Michelle's Naturally Vegan Choc Chip

I found these Chocolate Chip cookies at WF today. I have been craving a really good chocolate chip cookie for a while. I wanted a thick chewy one that you can really sink your teeth into. These cookies are very good, but not what I wanted. They are not too sweet, in a good way, so the chocolate chips really make the cookie, But, the cookie is a little dry for my taste and I like big chocolate chips not the mini ones. The chocolate-ness gets lost in the cookie.foodies 867 Michelle's Naturally Vegan Choc ChipI did like that they are vegan and all natural.foodies 872 Michelle's Naturally Vegan Choc Chipfoodies 868 Michelle's Naturally Vegan Choc Chip

Since I wanted a more chewy cookie I put it in the micro to warm up, but that still didn’t help. Overall, they taste good, but I wouldn’t get them again. They are not my style, but to each their own right? My mom liked them. This of course didn’t stop me from eat 2 of them though!


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    hi! i love finding new things at WF, there’s always something… many things. and i loooooooooooooove the kombucha teas!!! i drink the “trilogy” synergy drink, soooo good. it always makes me feel a little funny, but i totally believe in it. i also love that he started his drink series when it helped his mom through breast cancer, i dunno, i just like personal experience stories like that.

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