Run 12/9/2008

So, I repeated the same run I did yesterday - 6 miles, exact same route and everything. This brings a whole new and redundant level to my run,eat,repeat theme doesn't it?  Ha. Wouldn't it be funny and unbelievably boring if I ate the exact same things too? Luckily for my readers, that is not the case as I already have a different lunch packed and something fun for dinner … [Read more...]

Eat 12/8/2008

No that is not chocolate chips on my oatmeal, but it is a crumbled Clif Z Bar! I thought I would change it up and I'm glad I did. I do almost feel bad about eating chocolate for breakie though...I was planning a walk with my peep, Adriel, on lunch so I ate an apple to tide me over until we got back. There is a Linens N' Things that is going out of business and has so much stuff … [Read more...]

On Going Weight Loss Follow Up

Lacey had some questions for me after my Ongoing Weight Loss post. They were very thought provoking for me and I want to answer them in a post instead of just in the comments. (I hope she doesn’t mind.) Lacey, thanks for the response. I don't have a problem answering personal questions because I feel like I've already spilled my guts to everyone! Questions: What did you take … [Read more...]