Marathon Lesson #4 – Meet You

Marathon Lesson #4 – You will get to know yourself very well.


Hours on the open road have that effect on you. You will see what you’re made of. You’re asking a lot of your body and your mind and in some weird way you’re rewarded for that by getting to know your strengths and your limits. You will go through every thought in your head 437 times and then over again. It will be boring. It will be introspective. It will be insightful. It will be boring again.


Some days are better than others. On one long run I planned out my next 3 vacations and on another I sang Kiss The Girl (from The Little Mermaid) about 100 times. Yep, that’s the interesting monotony of running for hours.


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    Haha that’s a funny post. On my long run yesterday I played “Islands in the Stream” at least 84 times. At top volume. And mouthed the words. I was too tired to feel any shame.

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