Sleep Eating

Mid morning I snacked on blueberriesdscn6274 Sleep Eating

and half of this protein/fiber drink that was on sale the other day. dscn6275 Sleep Eating

I snacked on a few of those crack chips with hummus while putting together lunch.dscn6277 Sleep Eating

Grilled cheese and salad were on the menu for lunch. I really wanted soup, but I have a huge container of salad that needs to be eaten. dscn6279 Sleep Eating

I was falling asleep around 2pm and needed to wake up so I went to the kitchen and started getting into junk I shouldn’t have. I ate some cereal with milk and a granola bar…I did realize one of my binge triggers is being tired. I was mindlessly and very tiredly looking for sugary-carb foods.

I did cave and eat even though I wasn’t hungry, but I know that next time I should just get a caffeine beverage and power through. I honestly thought to myself as I was eating granola – “A diet Mountain Dew would do less damage than this“. I have been trying to stay away from diet sodas during the week, but psychologically I think I need to stop mindless eating more than anything else. dscn6280 Sleep Eating So, the next time I start looking for food because I’m tired I will get a beverage pick-me-up.

So, most of my fatigue induced eating was not pictured, but you may have caught that I broke into the granola my mom brought me from her retreat. Boo. I put it back out of site and will stay out of it until Lent is over.

Busted icon sad Sleep Eating

This was my planned afternoon snack that just became a part of the eating frenzy. I actually did stop myself before I felt too full, so I am making progress.

dscn6281 Sleep EatingIn other news, my mom just brought home 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies – temptation is everywhere in the world we live in!!! I wish I was immune to it all.


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