Crap Free Week

After multiple days of random snacking on crap I’ve decided a Crap Free Week is in order. I got the idea from Caitlin and Chandra, but I did let them know I was copying them :)

Crap Free Weeks – 4/28 to 5/14 – 17 days total

Since it takes 14 days to make or break a habit I’m hoping this will give me a great push to create new healthy habits & break old ones. And this challenge conveniently ends the day before Vegas :) I might have to jump back on CFW when I return from all that junk too!

The CFW Plan – Don’t eat crap, it’s actually pretty self-explanatory, but I will elaborate…

Enjoy:Whole Foods – oats, yogurt, lf/ff cheese, beans, eggs, nuts, nut butters, fish, tofu, brown rice, sweet or reg potatoes, and lots of fruits and veggies! Plus 2 slices of (preferably sprouted) whole wheat bread a day.

Avoid:Processed Foods – cereals,  cookies,  crackers, candies, cakes-like stuff, bars (except raw, whole foods bars), alcohol, sugar, artificial sugar, added salts, anything considered crap!

Challenges: My Half Mary is this Sunday & I will fuel up like normal w/ rice & salty food the night before and PB toast that morning. My Bridal Shower is 5/9 and I’ll probably have a glass of wine and some cake. My other biggest challenge is my addiction to frozen yogurt and the hundreds of boxes of cereal in my house!

Ultimately my eats will be based on whole foods, which will allow me to cut out the crap while still getting an adequate amount of calories for energy and happiness :) The extra calories I eat almost always come from processed foods so this will really help me break some bad habits! I will still eat sweetened yogurt since the only way I can eat plain is with a ton of granol-y or Pumpkin Butter.

I realized I needed this CFW after I ate 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast. For some reason I am a cereal eating machine and I never feel full while eating it, but feel like crap afterwards.

Run: 5 miles with a few hills slowly

Breakfast: This new cereal x3. This is when I realized I need to stop eating boxed things in mass quantities. dscn8192


Lunch was a massive salad with shredded cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, peanuts, garbanzo beans and TJ’s PB dressing. I had my last half of a ww english muffin on the side plus grapes and 2 La Croixs. I drink a lot too. dscn8194

My male co-worker saw my salad and then saw that I completely downed it and said, “Damn, that was a big salad. Where did it all go?” because I ate it so fast. Boo.

I didn’t know I was doing Crap Free Week until I got to work and decided to start right then and there, so the english muffin isn’t the best kinda bread, but it’s all I brought. Now I know how to plan


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    Man, good luck with Crap-Free week! That would be such a challenge for me.

    And I know exactlyyy what you mean about cereal; it disappears when I’m anywhere near an open box of the stuff. :( I try to have cereal as a yogurt topping instead, since the yogurt’s protein will get me full faster than just cereal/milk. :)

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