Slow and steady wins the race

I’m approaching weight loss like I approach running: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Wait,  I don’t really believe that , but I do believe:

“Slow and steady gets you to the finish line”

I’m down half a pound this Friday (from last week). This is especially surprising after last weekend’s eating, drinking and “festivities”!  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and concentrate on quitting the nighttime eating icon smile Slow and steady wins the race

This morning I couldn’t decide what was for breakfast, but since there was no ripe bananas, that limited my choices. I went with 2 Kashi waffles, one with PB&J and the other with agave nectar/maple syrup. Love it, but it doesn’t make me as full as oatbran icon sad Slow and steady wins the race dscn9217 Slow and steady wins the race

 Slow and steady wins the raceI decided to skip the yogurt in favor of a Green Smoothie. Love it. I also LOVE my new Las Vegas cup that I got!!!










I’m a bad person…Yesterday I had a turkey sandwich for lunch because I’m reading Skinny Bitch and I know once I get to the treatment of animals chapter I’m going to be off meat for a long time. Isn’t that tragic of me?dscn9201 Slow and steady wins the race I used hummus instead of mayo – LOVE IT.

I also had some chips and hummus with it (no pic).


 Slow and steady wins the raceLunch dessert: A chocolate fortune cookie. My mom got these from Costco in case you’re wondering icon smile Slow and steady wins the race





For a PM snack – FRUIT!I cannot get enough, it’s worse than chocolate for me. I always say that I must spend thousands of dollars on fruit every year, but the cherries are what really do me in! I also had some ww with PB&J for staying power icon smile Slow and steady wins the race dscn9204 Slow and steady wins the race


 Slow and steady wins the raceI also finished this Greens bar I had from earlier in the week. It’s good, but not great. I’m gonna go with – Don’t like it, since I would probably pick a lot of other bars over this one.



 Slow and steady wins the raceI wasn’t that hungry for dinner after all my snacks this afternoon so I just made a lot of veggies. Roasted brussels and a huge salad.  Love it.  Slow and steady wins the race

My mom hates the smell of these and complains every time I make them. I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of them! This is my fave cooked veggie ever. Love it.



 Slow and steady wins the raceI had a Vitatop with milk for dessert. It’s really weird, but I’ve been drinking more and more milk lately. I think milk is gross when you really think about it, but whatev.


  1. says

    I have never seen a chocolate fortune cookie!

    And yes, after you do read that chapter in skinny bitch it will put you off of meat at least for a while.

    That chapter was the final push to make me a vegetarian, though I was considering it before I read the book. I cried and cried after that chapter :(

  2. says

    You should try the Greens Plus protein bars. They are MUCH better than the energy bars and have a wonderful nutritional profile. Honestly, I think they are the best bar out there. I have to agree with you on the energy bars though…they are just sort of ehh.

  3. ehaggins says

    Let me start by saying I love your blog I am really big on food and since I have started running I have been trying to get into healthier food options. With that said I hope you don’t mind but I have a couple questions. First is Trader Joe’s Greek style yogurt thick like regular greek yogurt? And next what do you put in your green smoothie? Do you blend it or juice it?

    Thanks your blog is been really helpful :)

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