Stop snacking, eat a meal

DSCN0899After some messing around on the computer for a bit I started to get hungry and was snacking on nuts and random things when I realized – I’m Hungry. I decided I should actually eat a real meal instead. I made a wrap with a veggie burger and some chips.DSCN0898

I felt kind of guilty eating since no one else was (they were still full from brunch). But, I was hungry and I honored my hunger! This is kind of a first in a way in terms of recognizing what I was doing :)

We came back home and relaxed for a bit before heading to the mall with my mom. I needed a screen cover for my new phone (which I love!).

Other snacks in the afternoon involved these cookies… Amazing.DSCN0915

I did not have any ideas for dinner, but I had to put something together for the fam. I had a lot of potatoes that I had to use so I chopped them up and cooked them with tomato paste. I flavored it with garlic, s/p, oregano, basil and a few other spices. Then, I added meatballs for the fam. I has some of the potato mix on the side with salad.DSCN0906

My salad-centric dinner meant room for dessert! I had one of these…DSCN0917DSCN0918

And another cookie or two.DSCN0919

I am having a great time hanging out with my mom and Matt :)

DSCN0914Back to work tomorrow. Isn’t the end of the weekend always so sad?


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