Crying at work…

My brother just text me a pic of my cat sleeping and said he was sad and missed me :( Nothing like crying at work to make your co-workers think you're unstable...Thanks Michael, thanks. Here are the perros for fun :) And then at Lunch my camera died :( It won't even turn on anymore! Boo. I am poor so a new camera is going to be rough. Ben has a cam I will use for now. I'm … [Read more...]

Morning Hunger

Happy Cookie Friday! How about a quadruple stuffed Oreo? (from Natalie Dee). I woke up a little hungry this morning - which never happens! Weird, but good I guess since it means I didn't eat too much last night. I did some strength traing in the lviing room before hitting up the apartment gym for elliptical time. But, when I got there both ellipticals were being used :( (One … [Read more...]

Amazing Cup Reborn

Remember when I accidentally killed my Amazing Grass cup? I was super sad :( so I emailed the Amazing Grass peeps  and asked for a replacement. It was waiting for me when I got back from Belize! How fun :)They not only sent a replacement - Terri from AG  sent over samples of their Kids Superfood and Greens SuperFood bar in Berry & Chocolate Peanut Butter. Thanks Terri :) I … [Read more...]