Pumpkin Milkshake


Ever since spotting the Pumpkin Smash at Jamba Juice I knew I wanted to make my own Pumpkin Milkshake! This morning was the perfect time for it since I had a lot of left over pumpkin from the huge can I opened last night. My pumpkin shake contained: 1 container vanilla Chobani, 1/2c pumpkin, 1/2c soy milk (more added later since it was too thick), pumpkin pie spice, 1  & … [Read more...]

Race-ist & Calorie Counting


I ran the Freedom Run half marathon to become a better "Race-ist". Oh wait, that sounds really bad...my definition of "race-ist" is someone who runs in running contests of any size. Anyways I am signing up for another run in November to practice my racing skills too. I will become a good "race-ist" yet! Remember when I broke an entire bottle of Tapatio? Well, I went to … [Read more...]