Craziest Year Ever Part II

The second half of 2009 started with my “Road Trip Across America”. It was fun, scary, tiring, overwhelming and more! Then, I started a new job, went to Belize and got super homesick. It’s been an adventure and the craziest year of my life!!!DSCN9806

July – We started in Las Vegas Baby! The Road Trip to End All!DSCN9946

Then hit up Salt Lake City. So SaltyDSCN0013

Road trip: Yellowstone Where we got a ticket right before entering the park and decided we should paint our car…DSCN0064

We hit up Mount Rushmore – which I’ve concluded is extremely cool, but kinda a tourist trap.

Ben and I recieved an anonymous note on our car wishing us luck in our marriage. It was the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me.

August was a slower month, so we’ll skip it.

September – My honeymoon in Belize!

Greetings from Belize

Belize Day Three

You Better Belize It!

Belize Inland Time

Oh, and I went to Guatemala :)

October – Ben and I dressed at the Flintstones for Halloween!monica - dd

I covered a story in Mississippi

November – My fam came out for T-day!

December – I went back to CA for Christmas and happiness!IMG_3519

Whew!!! I have made so many memories this year I hope I can remember them all!

I have even bigger plans for 2010 and am so excited for a new year and a fresh start!

I will see you in 2010 with my goals and resolutions :)


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