Weird Night

Last night was very weird. I woke up around 4am after having the worst dream that my brother was dead. It was so real I woke up with tears in my eyes. Thanks to the time difference and his late work schedule, I called him and he was still up. But, I do think I freaked him out a bit. Sorry Michael, but I had to hear your voice :)

That woke up Ben and then he couldn’t go back to sleep. He kept tossing and turning until he finally got up and apparently ate an avocado and apple sauce?? I don’t even know if he came back to bed, but he woke me up at 6:30am to go to the apartment gym. I wouldn’t have been able to run since it snowed last night anyways, so I agreed.

It was a run in two parts: 40 minutes with Ben. Then, I went back to the apartment to help get him ready for work. And finally 20 minutes back on the treadmill for a total of 6 miles.

I have been craving pancakes so I finally made them. These have egg beaters, oat bran, cottage cheese, baking powder, salt and chia seeds – plus banana slices. I kinda eye ball it, but I can keep track next time if anyone is curious.IMG_3669

Age old question: Why are pancakes so good?!IMG_3670

From a Weird Night to a Weird Day: This day last year I was in sunny Florida with Ben’s family.ben hiking in FLToday I am in snow covered Maryland. My life is so unpredictable right now!IMG_3674Stay tuned Googled Reader-ed for more!

Question: Do you remember your dreams?

Me: I usually don’t unless they are crazy like last nights.


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    Hate dreams like that! I only remember the bad ones. I had a dream we found our lost cat (guess that counts as a good dream), but when I woke up I was so sad that it wasn’t real.

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    Yuh, I had THE MOST jacked up dream last night. I woke up and was afraid of my own brain. It began with Snookie from Jersey Shore, who was a pre-op tranny. Something about a sex tape (Uhhhhh…WEIRD!).

    Then I was standing beside a very busy street with anyone that I ever went to school with, and my dogs darted across the street, and Nikko got hit by a car.


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    omg weird night for me too. I had a dream a guy I used to date (who i havent spoken to in 9 months) called me and took me out, but then I insulted him at the movies, and he was forever gone. like disappeared. and i was alone –no one around me. SO not a good dream. thank god its NYE tonight lol. After last nights dream I need that drink :)


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    I once had a dream my mom died and I woke up hysterically crying. I was so upset and freaking out that I couldn’t fall back asleep until I went into my parents bedroom and checked that my mom was alive. Worst dream ever!

    On the other hand, those pancakes look delicious.

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    i only remember crazy scary dreams. i’m sure i have happy ones but i never remember any good ones. i have one reoccurring scary dream where i’m being stalked and hunted by dinosaurs. it sounds stupid to write and talk about but i wake up sweating and terrified!

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    pancakes are so wonderful because they put me in a happy little carb coma for awhile… mmmm… probably what I’ll be craving tomorrow morning!

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    I remember my dreams a lot. And I get a lot of vivid and realistic dreams. Sometimes I wake up all disappointed that it wasn’t real. Sometimes I wake up scared because it seemed so real.

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