Two Jillians and Two Christmases

Today I woke up with two Jillians. I did her 30 Day Shred (opn my laptop) while watching reruns of the Biggest Loser. Even though I sometimes hate how tough she is, if I was a trainer I would be the same way. I was a jr. high cheer coach for a while and wished the girls were older so I could be tougher. I actually think I would be a really good trainer…hmmmm…IMG 38311 400x300 Two Jillians and Two Christmases

*Don’t blame me that our little tree is still up, Ben refuses to take it down until Christmas is over with his fam too.

Breakfast:  I ate a few small bowls of cereal. I don’t know why I use tiny bowls if I’m going to just fill them up repeatedly?!?! I’m like an alcoholic that only drinks out of a shot glass because that way they are only drinking a little…IMG 3838 400x300 Two Jillians and Two Christmases

Today I am flying to Florida to celebrate Christmas with Ben’s family. Since we currently live away from both fams we had to pick one to be with for the holiday. But, we still wanted to see his family too so we made this compromise.

We are spending a few days with them, then we’ll drive to Orlando on Saturday for the Marathon! I’m extra nervous because I’ve never done a race where I had to stay in a hotel. I hope I don’t forget anything!

I also added one last resolution because I am a crazy person. But, I don’t want to discuss it yet. I think I should resolve to stop making any more resolutions until next year!

Now I have to go pack and meet Ben at his work for a carpool to the airport.Wish me luck getting through the crazy security lines!
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  1. says

    :O I did my first EVER Jillian workout today – I love it! She’s great! She works you hard but it feels like she’ll get results – I get so excited when I discover a half decent new workout dvd :P
    I do the same thing with cereal – I’ll take 1/2cup, and then take a whole load of random bits as’s like, why not just have 3/4 cup and be done with it!?
    Have a good Christmas :P

  2. says

    Good luck at the airport! I wonder if they pat down the pilots and flight attendants as well. I should ask my dad (he’s a pilot) that’d be a lot of pat downs for them!

    Are you going to the blogger meetup that healthy Ashley wrote about? I’m most likely going to it and it would be awesome to meet you!

  3. says

    our tree came down dec 26th! i think that was too early and as today is the last (of the 12) days of christmas it’s perfectly acceptable to have it up still :)

  4. Lauren says

    I feel your pain regarding the cereal. Against my better judgment I bought a box of Quaker Oh’s at the store yesterday. Six hours later half of it had been consumed by yours truly. I am just going to stop buying it, this is ridiculous.

  5. says

    I love 30 day shred! I just did Jackie Warner’s DVD, its great too.

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