Disposable Running Gear

Today I hit up the Goodwill for some disposable running gear. I know it’s going to be super cold at the start of the race, but I get hot fast once I’m running. So,  I don’t want to wear extra clothes once I am warm. IMG_3900

I went to the Goodwill in search of a sweatshirt I can wear to the race, but throw away either once I start running or at the start.IMG_3898

Look at my new fancy sweatshirt. It was $1.06! I might cut it up the center so it’s easy to take off. Just call me the “homeless runner” because that’s what I’ll look like! IMG_3902

Before I walked the three miles to the Goodwill I ate oatmeal. I wasn’t that hungry, but knew I would be gone for over an hour and would get hungry on the walk.IMG_3895

This thing looks chalked full of chia seeds, but I didn’t put more than usual.IMG_3896

I also tried this new PB – it is okay. But, the flax seeds in it are whole, not ground – doesn’t this mean they just go right through you?IMG_3897

After the Goodwill I walked another mile to Dunkin Donuts. I thought this would be good for me since “America runs on Dunkin” and I’m a runner and all…IMG_3906

I got a large iced coffee and a munchkin for one bite of doughnut. I just took one bite and gave the rest to Ben (I called him to come pick me up).IMG_3905

I wanted to get a shirt made to wear for the race, but there is no place near by for that :( The phrases I was going to put on it were probably not funny vulgar anyways…


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    Yay! Goodwill rocks for that sort of thing. My mom is a bit addicted to making sure we have enough throw away clothes (she does marathons too) so really only have to go to her house to find stuff.

    As for making your own shirt, I found that those iron on letters work well. I got a cheap on sale tank from Target (the C9 line) and put my name on it for the NYC marathon. Came out cute… black tank with pink letters.

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    Disposable clothes are definitely the way to start the race – I actually shelled out the money for the “space jacket” available at the MCM expo and wore it through the first mile before chucking it. My $.99 gloves from Target were ditched around mile 8. And from there, it was smooth sailing :)

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    The flax seeds won’t “go right through you” quite like corn does, but the Omega-3 fatty acids that make them so good are on the inside, so you should chew chew chew

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    I keep meaning to check out your blog and finally got here. It looks great and I will definitely be back. I have a thing or two to learn about how to write short(ish), chatty posts…

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    Does that sweatshirt say “Put In Bay”?! PIB is an island in Lake Erie, about an hour and a half west of where I live. I love it! If you cut it, you should rip it off, Hulk Hogan style! :)

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    Good call on Goodwill! :) I did the same thing for Disney! They pick up the clothes ditched on the side and donate them (back) to charity.

    Evan sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen whole flax seeds come right out the other end.

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    Wow, why did I never think of telling my mom to quit tossing my good running clothes at races and go to Goodwill!

    Great Idea

    and as for the cake, you will not even know you have it. When you are running on empty somewhere after mile 18, you’ll be glad you had the cake stored… I ALWAYS have chocolate before races, in fact, my world class coach once handed me a cookie ON THE STARTING LINE of a track race… if he says it’s okay, IT’S OKAY!

    Stay positive!

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    Genius idea with the disposable running gear…and I love that you walked everywhere you needed to go today!! PS This is my first time commenting, but I adore your blog!! :)

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    I had never thought about Goodwill for a cheap-o sweatshirt. What a great idea! Thanks!

    Have fun this weekend! There are a couple of folks form SoCal that I know of that are out there for Disney. They’re in for a rude awakening. Isn’t Florida spposed to be warm?

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