What’s this sound?

Ben always jokes that I never get sick so today every time I cough I ask him, “What is this sound my throat keeps making?

I think it’s funny. Hopefully, you’ll think this picture of my greasy forehead is funny. Five finger forehead all the way. IMG 4065 400x300 Whats this sound?

Snack picture is MIA – Greek yogurt icon smile Whats this sound?

Dinner was a massive salad topped with a veggie burger and light ranch. IMG 4057 400x300 Whats this sound?

I also had some toast x2 and cheese ravioli x4 on the side. I love buttered toast. A lot. A lot.

IMG 4059 400x300 Whats this sound?

Now I am talking on the phone with my fave peep, Cindy icon smile Whats this sound? See you guys later!

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