Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

I already have lunch, dinner and dessert sitting on my table! I was thinking about how I felt like I short changed myself after the marathon this Sunday. Normally after a race I eat it up BIG! I always make it a point to go out and indulge without guilt. This is one of the best parts of race day for me!

But, since I wasn’t feeling it on Sunday I didn’t eat my “planned” indulgence meal – tuna with fries and ice cream for dessert. Because of that I feel like I cannot be satisfied no matter what I eat this week. I decided to make today my “race day eating celebration”! Hey, part of why I run so much is so I can eat so much – sue me.

First, I wanted to get my hands on my fave dessert – frozen yogurt. But since they don’t have amazing fro-yo in MD anyways I went with a Costco Berry Sundae. I plan to add my own granola too! IMG_4099

Why does this make me so happy?! Now, imagine it with granola :) Thank you thank you.IMG_4103

Then, I hit up Panera for my tuna sammie. IMG_4104

I ordered my tuna, but I never have had this sandwich from Panera before. I have to say I’m disappointed. It is swimming in mayo. I understand tuna comes with mayo, but you don’t have to put equal parts tuna to mayo. Seriously. IMG_4105

I also wanted their black bean soup since it’s amazing. I got a cup of that with the whole wheat baguette. Do you know the thing I’m most looking forward to eating is that baguette? So nutty! Yum! Some butter may be added as well :)IMG_4110

So, I went a little crazy with ordering and have enough food for lunch and dinner! I’ll probably snack on it throughout the rest of the day when I’m hungry. And it’s all food I love!!! I am happy.

I have a big test for my HTML class tomorrow so I’ll be spending the rest of the day studing.

One more thing – My knee started hurting today after my run. I’m very afraid this is some injury just waiting to happen. I’m icing it while I study, but pray for my and my knee please.


  1. Lauren says

    I have an indulgence day on the weekends, too. It normally involves vanilla creme donuts from Dunkin Donuts, a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, and a DQ blizzard. I eat like sh*t on my Big Cheat Day.

  2. says

    Glad you had your post race indulgence! I had some froyo on Saturday after the half marathon which was a big treat because I haven’t had any in months. And now I’m craving a tuna melt. :) Good luck on your test!

  3. says

    Costco fro-yo gets me everytime and the cup is HUGE! I usually get the van-choc swirl. Never tried the berry (I assume it’s tasty??). And the Panera Black Bean Soup…can’t go wrong there. Hope you enjoyed and indulged!!

  4. says

    mmmm! I love Panera soup! I used to get it in the bread bowl all the time- and then I realized how bad that was… and reluctantly downgraded… lol

  5. says

    For some reason, Costco frozen yogurt is like the most delicious thing on the planet to me! Maybe because it’s cheap and huge? Who knows? But I love it!

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