A good walk with an old book and food gifts


I had to cut out of my test early to make the doctor's appointment. So, I basically just did my best with the time I had and turned it in. The doctor said I wasn't dying (I told Ben if I was he should spread my ashes California). I have the first signs of bronchitis, but can probably fight it off with rest and more Mucinex. He also prescribed an inhaler to help my lungs, but … [Read more...]

Rush rush!


I'm in a major rush because I made a same day doctor's appointment  for this morning and I have to go in and take my test by noon! I woke up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I intended on doing some ab and arm work too, but now I don't have time :( I'm going to do it after the test - I love that announcing things on the blog makes me accountable! I'm currently enjoying … [Read more...]