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Sorry I didn’t post again yesterday. I was a mess. I ended up eating a bunch of crap our of fatigue and was unbelievably tired icon sad Announcement and Technology

But – I am back in good spirits today! It’s amazing what a good night’s 9 hours of rest can do for you!

First, my big announcement:

I’ve decided to become a certified personal trainer. You guys know I have been really thinking about what I should do and how I can help people. I love blogging and I am very interested in and passionate about health. I thought becoming more knowledgeable about fitness and the body would help me be a better writer and blogger. IMG 5193 300x400 Announcement and Technology

After much research and consulting with other bloggers/trainers I’ve decided to go with the ACE PT program. I am just starting to study today, so it will be at least 12 weeks before I’m certified. My ultimate goal is to use the certificate to be a more knowledgeable writer/blogger/runner and to use the certificate on the side to work either one on one or teach classes part time. Exciting times!

In other news, my computer is giving me a really hard time today. I’ve been struggling with it all morning and it won’t play DVDs (which was my work out plan for this morning) and the interet has been going in and out. Boo. I’ve got to figure it out, so I’ll see you in  a bit!


  1. Lauren says

    What kind of computer do you have? Your firmware may need to be updated on your optical drive. Sometimes uninstalling the device and then restarting the computer (which lets the system ‘find’ the drive on the reboot) solves the problem. Good luck!

  2. says

    Congratualtions!! I’m really excited for you, and I wish I lived in MD so that I could take one of your classes someday– I think you would be a really fun instructor :)

  3. says

    Amazing! I’m sure you’ll be great. You cheere up and inspire me, through your blog alone, so I’m sure you’ll be able to work wonders with clients, face to face!

  4. YMC says

    I am first time commenter to your blog, which I have been reading for awile. Your style is amusing and keeps me entertained; which is a good thing on the job. Plus your a great motivator. When it comes to food and working out you don’t BS – love that! Congrats on your big news you will be great at it! Taking from a girl who lives in PA the snow SUCKS!!!!! I hate it as much as you do!!!

  5. says

    Congratulations on becoming a personal trainer. Please let us know what you think of the ACE program. I’ve always thought about doing a personal training program and I’ll be interested to read what you think of it.
    Good luck!

  6. Kate G. says

    CONGRATS!! that is wonderful news, i’ve been reading for a while and think you would make a fantastic personal trainer.
    i work with a bunch of them and most of them don’t have anywhere near as much personality as you, which is truly so important when working with people on such a personal level as their health. You will do amazing, good luck!

  7. says

    Congratulations on the decision! Good luck with the training. :-)

    Too bad about the computer issues – happens to me all the time. Would you believe my husband, who rarely works on a computer, is usually the one to fix my problems? And to think I’m on the computer all day …


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