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I bit the bullet and went to Hot Yoga today. I was really scared because Yoga 1-2 was hard for me back in California and I haven’t done studio yoga in a few months. But, I have come to realize that the studio I went to in Orange County was ‘fo real’ and a lot more hard core than yoga here. I remembered that I did go to a hot yoga class one time in CA and it was killer (I had forgotten because it was only once and not my normal class).

Anyways, I enjoyed this morning’s hot yoga because it wasn’t too hard and I got a really good stretch out of it icon smile RER Likes It Hot I didn’t feel like I got much of a work out though?! If I don’t do some kind of exercise I have way to much energy and Ben says I am bouncing off the walls!

Overall: I’d go again icon smile RER Likes It Hot I need to get more stretching and strength training in my life – especially because it can help heal and prevent injuries like the one I have!

Before I went to yoga I had a waffle with AB and half an orange. I wanted two waffles, but didn’t want to get too full right before class. I was honestly scared that the class was going to be very difficult and make me nauseous or something!IMG 5502 400x300 RER Likes It Hot

After yoga the gym had out fruit for the yogis because of an event. They are doing a “Yoga Marathon” today. You get 5 points for every 30 min. of yoga you do today and the person with the most at the end of the day wins a yoga tank and $10 for the gym’s store. Cool, but I wasn’t even going to bother – one session of yoga is more than enough for me!IMG 5506 400x300 RER Likes It Hot

When I got back the house smelled like eggs and toast since Ben was in the middle of breakfast so I nuked 1/2c egg beaters on half a sandwich thing with ketchup and hot sauce. This is so simple and a great way for me to get in some protein.IMG 5507 400x300 RER Likes It Hot

After a 2 mile walk on the treadmill (while chatting with my mom on the cell) I took a shower and am now trying to figure out what we’re doing today.

I was hungry post shower so I had some cashews and raisins. I got this pack of raisins after the Disney Marathon and they are super dried out now, but I had some of them for the nostalgia of it icon wink RER Likes It Hot IMG 5508 300x400 RER Likes It HotI also grabbed a bag of veggie crisps – I just realized it’s noon and I should just eat lunch instead of this random snacking that doesn’t make me feel like I ate.IMG 5509 400x300 RER Likes It Hot

Today is a colorful day for some reason!

See you in a bit icon smile RER Likes It Hot


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    Hot yoga usually makes me sore the next day! Maybe you’ll feel it tomorrow? I would love to do Bikram Yoga on a regular basis, but I can’t afford it here in Southern California! (maybe if my rent were cheaper…)

    That cup of fruit looks so good! I shouldn’t read food blogs before breakfast. ;)

  2. says

    I did hot yoga once and it was exhausting, but it still didn’t feel like an insane workout? I felt like it was a little “temporary”, ya know? Anyways, hope you have fun with the yoga once in a while. It really helps me to calm down, breathe, and remember what’s important in my life (in addition to all the physical benefits :)).

  3. says

    I’ve tried your basic yoga but never this hot yoga… I always hear about people burning like 800 calories at these things. Definitely something I’ll have to look into considering the strength it takes to do & hold some of those positions!

    BTW, what is “AB”?

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