Tofu Tacos

I really wanted to name this post “Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos” or “Terry’s Tacos” because I love Terry from Reno 911 and the fact that he does inappropriate things at his place of work – Tacos tacos tacos tacos.

Are you familiar with Terry?

Mexican Meatless Mondays are back!

I have never made tofu tacos, so I was just crossing my fingers that these would come out good and they did!

Tofu Tacos:

Press the tofu for an hour (that still didn’t get all the liquid out, but it was all the time I had).  I cooked some chopped onions and a little minced garlic until the onions were clear. Then, I crumbled the tofu into the pan and topped it with TJ’s Taco Seasoning.IMG_5551

Here is the tofu taco filling:IMG_5553

I stuffed the filling into TJ’s taco shells and served with a salad. I really really liked this dish! Actually, after we ate I proclaimed that this is my new second favorite meal I can cook!! YUM! IMG_5557**Edited to add: Ben ate this for dinner too. I don’t think he loved it as much as I did, but I had no complaints and he was happy and satisfied :) He said the tofu taco filling reminded him of eggs and soy chorizo – another one of our faves.

Physical Therapy:

Before my taco extravaganza I had a Physical Therapy appointment for my bum knee. Today the PT made me do some of the “homework” exercises with ankle weights. I didn’t realize how weak my hips are! I really need to strengthen and stretch them to get better.IMG_5547

My afternoon snacks were uneventful and included an apple and Almond Butter slathered rice cake. Plus some chips :) IMG_5550IMG_5549

I bought a new yogurt I may try for dessert, but other than that I’m laying low tonight.

See you in the morning :)


  1. says

    i had an apple pie flavored yogurt the other night and it tasted just like dessert but i was a bit weirded out by the fact that the consistency was NOT pie hahaha

  2. says

    Those look awesome! I wish I picked some of those up at trader joe’s the other day. Since I’ve given up prepared soy products for lent, I know I’m going to need this recipe to keep myself entertained by tofu

  3. Sarah W. says

    I had tacos tonight too!!!!!!!! I LOVE taco night. One of my fav things. Tonight 2 new items made an appearance and I think they will be permanent items on taco night: PLANTAINS and homemade GUACAMOLE!!!!

    I had a trader joes low carb tortilla stuffed w/ fat free refried beans, plantains and guacamole – it was amazing. x 2!!!! yummmmmmmmm.

    I like your idea of crumbling the tofu – might need to try that sometime! we are winners!

  4. Lauren says

    How do you press your tofu? I normally put it on a stack of paper towels, put a cutting board over it, and then pile on the books. There has to be a better way, though, I am going through a lot of paper towels.

  5. says

    So funny, I had the exact same reaction when I was in PT last summer – my hips were so weak! I had no idea, nor did I have a clue how to work them out. Strong hips unite :)

  6. says

    I have a few blocks of tofu in the fridge … I’ll have to try this! I wonder if the husband would like it. Though, I’m sure if he added cheese, he’ll be just fine!

    I’m not a PT but should you be starting your training with weights? I’m not sure what exercise you’re doing, but I have one where I’m to have my back and body flush against a wall and slowly bring my leg up and down about 15-20 times (this really hurts in my hip flexor!), but it’s enough that I don’t need weights. In fact, I was told that a lot of people don’t need weights because it’s hard enough to begin with.

    Just my thoughts. :-)


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