Non Food Guilty Pleasure

I have a lot of food related guilty pleasures…(hence the reason these damn 10 pounds stick around no matter how much I run).

Like whole veggie pizzas, just for me…DSCN0393

And so much frozen yogurt I would definitely beat Man vs. Food in a YogurtLand competition… DSCN0173

But, I also have a non-food related guilty pleasure…television. I like TV! I look forward to relaxing and watching trashy reality show re-runs on the weekends. I used to watch TV while on my treadmill, but since I don’t own one in MD I can’t do that anymore.

Sure, I can watch “The View” at the gym, but it’s not the same. Anyways, I thought I’d come clean with this indulgence that makes me happier, not healthier :)

What’s your non-food related guilty pleasure??

Unfortunately, there are no good shows on Mondays :( So last night I was stuck watching a random cop show on cable. But tonight it’s all about LOST. lost_poster

My breakfast included my latest food related guilty pleasure – TJ’s Almond Butter. I like PB, but I am obsessed with this AB. I have never went through jars of nut butter so fast! I don’t share this with Ben either (that is probably the most guilty part). Love. LOVE.

Three jars are necessary because 1.) is ready to be oats or yogurt mess in a jar 2.) is the one I’m currently eating 3.) an emergency jar so I don’t run out! tjs almond butter

I topped my oatmeal with a generous scoop of AB this morning. I may or may not have also stole a few bites from the container. I check and rechecked the label to see if there was any sugar or crack that makes this so addicting, but nope. oatmeal

Run: This morning I woke up bright and early to bust out 5.8miles. I miscalculated the route and meant to do 6, oh well.  My time was slower than yesterday, boo.


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    It’s totally legit to have more jars of AB in the pantry, especially if it’s from TJ’s. They discontinue you things when you least expect it so I made sure to grab a few jars the last time I was there :)

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    Hi Monica — I’m a new reader to your blog and I just had to comment because I think this is great!! I also love TV more than I should. :-/ I never used to be this way, but my list of shows that I follow keeps growing and growing. And Lost is at the VERY top…..I’m obsessed!! I get sad thinking that each episode brings us closer to the end…. But anyway, for now, I look forward to my Tuesday nights. Also — I recently discovered TJ’s Almond Butter as well and it’s my absolute favorite. I probably have at least 3 types of nutbutter stocked up in the house at all times…just in case. 😉

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    I bought that AB at TJ’s last time I went to NYC! I can’t wait to try it! I’m still powering through a jar of regular almond butter!
    I have a few non-food guilty pleasures: cheesy romance novels (especially the Sookie Stackhouse Series aka True Blood books), gossip magazines, crap TV, Romantic comedies, the list goes on…

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    LOST!!! i could watch it all day every day until i got through all the episodes and then i could do it again!!

    my fav guilty pleasure is reading. i never feel like i can justify the time i would like to spend on it but there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book in a cozy chair (unless youre with richard alpert — then it would be beyond orgasmic — ahaha can i write that one your blog?!)

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    Life is all about the guilty pleasures. I mean, what else do we have to live for if we can’t indulge in these things from time to time. No shame, no guilt! :)

    I am loving that AB from Tj’s. I just picked up a jar for the first time last week and I can’t stop myself from taking random bites right from the jar. :) SOooo good!

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    Junky tv is definitely my guilty pleasure. I could also watch episode after episode of The Gilmore Girls.
    Dont hate me, but I’ve never watched Lost. I know it’s great, but I never took the time to sit and watch.

    I love that ab and I’m currently out of it; I need to go to TJs to restock.

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    I just started getting into making my own pizza and it feels so much less guilty that way! Something about controlling everything that goes into it!

    I love TV too, so much that I didn’t own one for several years, requiring me to visit friends if I there was a show I wanted to watch. My boyfriend got me into LOST when we first started dating and I can’t wait for tonight either. He also got me into How I Met Your Mother and 2 1/2 Men on Monday’s…and I like The Big Bang Theory if you need something on Monday. Good comedy for relaxing!

    One more thing, I too, often have 2-3 jars of nut butters going on in the cupboard :)

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    One of my food-related guilty pleasures is a crisp glass of proseco. But non-food guilty pleasure – definitly gossip magazines, E! news when I’m able to catch it, and watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey. Sooooo trashy, but soooooo good.

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    dude i LOVE lost!!! it’s my favorite show and i won’t be able to watch the ending until december unless i can find it overseas… let us know how it goes!!! Other great guilty pleasure TV: Gossip Girl. Highly recommended classy trash.

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    The pizza comment makes me laugh. My husband and I went to CPK this weekend where I had the best veggie pizza ever. The waitress came over to ask us if we needed boxes. My husband said yes, I told her I was finishing mine. Awe and disgust are the words used to describe the look she gave me.

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    my guilty pleasure is that i’m 42 years old and i still watch mtv shows like “real world” and the “real world/road rules” challenges which are aimed at the 30 and under crowd.

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    My guilty pleasure is not only watching trashy reality TV, but arguing about whether they’re being real or if it’s just for the cameras! I really don’t care…I’d watch it regardless!

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    TV and shopping are definitely my non-food guilty pleasures — I can get sucked into a Bravo reality show marathon (Top Chef, Real Housewives of NY or OC) and, before I know it, my Saturday is gone!! :(

    When I was down at my happier weight in late 2008 I would keep myself from bingeing by buying cute clothes, but I very quickly developed the same overindulgent habits I have with food with shopping, and my bank account took a huge hit! I’m working on getting both under control now.

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