Food Twin


Sometimes I’ll read blogs and see a day’s eats and think, “I would love to eat all the same things tomorrow.”  Or, “That is exactly what I want to eat…” Wait, does anyone else do that? No? Okay, now I’m embarrassed :( Anyways, lately I’ve been coveting my neighbor’s food. For some reason I feel like I eat most like Taydor Tott and I wish I could hang out with … [Read more...]

Pizza Cookie


Today was my last day babysitting and I brought the girls a treat – a Cookie shaped like a piece of pizza. It was too cute I had to get it :) I usually try to encourage them to be healthy, but kids need balance too. I am really going to miss them and they even gave me a present! Awwwww…. I also ate some cheddar chex mix while there… Before I went to babysit I ate a banana … [Read more...]