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Good Morning! I’m going to start Monday off on a good note with a fun giveaway :)IMG_7623

On Saturday I tried a Subway breakfast sandwich for the first time. (You can see my Subway breakfast post here.) And now you have the chance to win a Subway gift card and try it too!

Subway has offered to send 3 RER readers a $10.00 gift card. That is a total score because my breakfast sandwich only cost $2.11! When I went I also saw a deal for a sandwich and a coffee for $2.50. Nice.

To Enter:

1. Tweet:   @runeatrepeat I want to win an @SUBWAYFreshBuzz gift card!


2. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite sandwich topping

You can stop by the Subway FB page for more information on their breakfasts too. Good luck!

The contest ends Tuesday 5/4/10 at 5pm EST. I will be announcing the winner Tuesday night.

Ben at Subway*Subway sent me the gift card and is providing the prizes for the winners, but my thoughts on their food are my own :)

Run: Running was a bust today because it’s raining and VERY windy. I went with Ben to the gym to walk/run on the treadmill and talk.

I cannot stand to run on the treadmill anymore. I compare it to a dog that used to have a big yard to play in and now is stuck in a cage. Poor Monica the puppy, she doesn’t want to be stuck in that box/small gym room.

I think I’m going to hit up a KB class in a bit to make up for the missed run.

Breakfast: I ended up staying up pretty late last night and woke up Hungry (with a capital H). I ate a small bowl of cereal to take the edge off and then made an egg beaters scramble with toast. eggs and toast

Uh, I think I ate too fast because now I feel kinda gross. I’m going to let my breakfast settle and see if I can Kickbox it up…


  1. says

    Hi! My fav subway sangwich is a 6″ veggie delight on wheat, no cheese, lettuce, tomato, yellow/green/jalapeno peppers, pickles, s&p with spicy mustard :) Mmm!

  2. Shayne says

    EVERY SINGLE veggie and honey mustard. I could serioulsy eat Subway 4 times a week and never get sick of it!

  3. says

    Haven´t had subway in going on two years now (out of the country) and while now I melt at the idea of all of those veggies and every single topping imaginable, back in college my roommate and I used to have a “tradition” where we´d split a five dollar footlong–Spicy Italian! Totally not the best meat choices but so delicious. Do they still have that deal?? I also loved the meatball one…

  4. Holly says

    I LOVE the sweet peppers – but very few Subways have them!! When they do, I get seriously like a whole cup of them on my sandwich.

  5. Tamsin says

    Mustard and bell peppers are my go-to’s at Subway, but lately at home I’ve been digging cheeses (goat, feta, gorganzola) and bean sprouts, too. Dang, now I want a sandwich… and it’s not even 10am. Hope I win!

  6. Sara B. says

    I LOVE Subway!!!! In high school I ate there almost every day haha.

    My favorite topping is banana peppers.

  7. Ashley says

    My favorite sub is the Veggie Delight with all the fixings (except for onions..) and my favorite topping is BANANA PEPPERS! :)

  8. Lia says

    Subway is a great fast food option, it really did help get my family through a tough/busy time. I never get this anymore because lean meat and veggies are better for me, but my actual favorite topping is meatballs in a meatball sub!

  9. Ashley says

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! As for toppings? Hmm…I do love that sweet onion sauce on a chicken teriyaki sub piled high with lettuce and tomato. Yum.

  10. Stacey says

    My favorite Subway topping is banana peppers, I think. Though I get really excited when they have spinach!

    Also I wish I lived in California so I could get avocado on my sandwich! I bet lots of people don’t know they only offer that (and additional cheeses I’ve heard!) in Cali. Or maybe west coast in general? Not sure. Anyway, they don’t have it in Florida!

  11. says

    Well, there always has to be cheese on a sandwich. Whether it’s a cheese sandwich or a sandwich with cheese, it has to be on there. Cheddar, preferably :)

  12. Beth S. says

    I’m so obsessed with Subway. Do their double chocolate cookies count as a sandwhich topping? If not, I <3 veggies!

  13. says


    I know it’s not the healthiest of the Subway options but I love getting the vinegar and oil on my sandwiches. It really does make it awesome!

  14. Ashley C says

    I like adding broccoli sprouts for a different texture. But PB is also a great sandwich addition :-) Happy Monday!

  15. Karla says

    My all time fav topping is banana peppers….sometimes I even have them straight out of the jar. yum!

  16. Meg says

    I love to add just about every veggie imaginable, but I also love the sweet onion teriyaki sauce. Sooo good!

  17. says

    Its not necessarily my favorite topping, but I love that I can get spinach on my sandwich at Subway rather than just shredded lettuce!


  18. elisa says

    not a big sandwich eater but if I have one it has to have some kind of spicy mustard on it. I do like subway when I am on the road – I always get every single veggie they offer on my sandwich. yum!

  19. Carrie says

    Subway = love! My regular sandwich topping special combo is:

    lettuce, tomato, green peppers, cucumbers, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper. Delish!


  20. says

    I love to put roasted red pepper hummus and asparagus spears on my sandwiches…sounds like a weird combo but it’s delicious!!!

  21. Kate says

    Right now I’m torn between sprots or cucumber on my sandwiches. Anything to get a few more veggies in my lunch!

  22. says

    Oh man, I la-la-love banana peppers and pickles. Awesome combo :)

    Also, that breakfast looks super yummy! I really need to start getting up a little earlier so that I can make awesome creations like this at home. I’m getting a little bit burned out on my “rotating 3 portable-to-office ” breakfasts …

  23. Becky says

    All I can say is I hope that dressings/sauces are part of the toppings category! My favorite combo is the tuna salad with honey mustard and bbq sauce! I always get weird looks when I ask for that combination. One guy asked me if I was Scottish because supposedly that’s a popular combination among the Scottish folk! Who knew?

  24. Stacie says

    I absolutely love jalapenos on my sandwiches! This love is a rather recent development, but ever since I discovered how good it is, I can’t get enough! The banana peppers at Subway are also fantastic!

  25. Martha says

    I love the fresh crunch that cucumbers give to my sandwiches. Thanks for the chance to win, Monica!

  26. Renee says

    Subway. I love Subway. My favorite toppping is the banana peppers. I love the tang and crunch that they provide.

  27. maija says

    at subway, it is all about adding every single veggie they have including the weird ones like pickles and peppers. and cheese.

  28. says

    On sandwiches in general, nothing beats fresh field-grown North Carolina tomatoes (except fresh field-grown North Carolina tomatoes…with salt!). On Subway sandwiches? I hate to admit it because I’m usually disgusted by mayonnaise, but I find their mayo slightly addicting…

  29. Phebe says

    I like to pile on the lettuce and add banana peppers. The extra lettuce gives the sandwich a nice crunch :)

  30. Lesley says

    I loooove black olives. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but I think they make the sandwich!

  31. says

    I absolutely love Subway. And $10? Pfft, that’s 2 footlongs….4 meals….pass that bad boy my way! I’m drooling already.

    Anyway, my favorite way to top any sub there is to tell the worker “put a little bit of everything….yes, even that….yeah….no really, a bit of everything.” They always think I don’t want the peppers or something, but I like it all!

  32. Laura E says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love banana peppers on sandwiches because they give them a nice kick of flavor!

  33. Maja says

    mmm, i have recently come to love subway. i love tomatoes. and i just debated for a good 6 seconds whether there was an e on the end once plural. there is, i google checked it. anyway, i also love olives, and avocato when i’m in the mood to splurge (the money)!

  34. Valerie says

    My favorite topping is black olives! So delicious, and they add a salty flavor and healthy fats.

  35. Lauren says

    I love spinach, tomato, green bell peppers, black olives, sprouts, banana peppers, pickles, and cucumbers – bring on the veggies! :)

  36. says

    I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – however I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

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