And that’s okay

Yesterday I hit up the Starbuck in Target for an iced tea. I have said this before, but I have a drinking problem – I chug everything. I really should have entered more beer chugging contests in college because I would have created quite the reputation.

I need to be careful with calorie filled drinks because of my chugging problem. And that’s okay. IMG_7697

Breakfast – This morning I woke up hungry (again) and had a bowl of cereal before my run. When I got back I made a bowl of oatmeal with banana, chia, soy milk, stevia, cinnamon. Topped with cereals and AB. I don’t care what anyone says this only keeps me full for 2 hours or so. IMG_7724 

So I broke into the Pirate’s Booty and made sure to finish it off so it wasn’t cluttering up my cabinets 😉IMG_7734

 Run: I had the worst run today :( First, I just wasn’t feeling it and really had to force myself. I managed 5.5 miles and it was torture.

Then, I saw a crow standing by something moving and as I got closer I saw that it was a baby duck or goose laying upside down. It was dying and kicking its legs around. I don’t know if the crow killed it or just found a sick/dying baby and pounced on an opportunity, but I am really upset. That crow is a vicious killer and that’s not okay.

I am now convinced crows are evil :( And that’s okay.


  1. says

    I meeeessss you! (that’s an exaggerated “miss”). Walking next week?

    And cows are not completely evil. But sometimes!

  2. says

    I totally have a “chugging problem” too! Although I was never good at beer chugging contests. It must be because beer is more filling or something.

    And now I just feeling sorry for that poor duck/goose. :(

  3. says

    I hate seeing animals suffering!!! There was a story here recently where a duckling was killed on the freeway and the mama duck was trying to protect it from the traffic. The police came and helped save the mama duck and her other ducklings from getting hurt. It just broke my heart. :(

  4. Rebecca says

    Thank you! My oatmeal only keeps me full for two hours or so as well. I’m not trying to be mean to other bloggers but I really wonder how some of the food they picture actually keeps them full or 4-5 hours. Maybe they have a different definition of ‘full’ than I do.

  5. says

    I have not had pirates booty in forever, sooo good. Oh, and your stuffed bell peppers recipe looks fantastic! Sorry the run was rough, mine was too. We’ll get back feeling good in no time, just keep your chin up!

  6. Amanda says

    aww poor thing! I can’t stand seeing animals suffer… that explains all my cats. Sorry you had a crummy run!

  7. says

    love pirate’s booty!!!

    ugh, sorry about your run. some days feel great and some days we feel like we have two left legs. i’m sure you’ll be back to normal when you run again.

  8. says

    I have a serious chugging problem, too! Iced coffee and their passionfruit tea are low/no calorie, and they are thirst-quenchers!

  9. Karissa Chow says

    Hmm, that sucks that oatmeal doesn’t keep you full for hours… yah I hate it when some things work for most people and then it doesn’t for me! (like certain skin acne product, ug :( ). I like half a banana mashed in with baked oatmeal.. hehe.. nice and thick nomnom.

  10. says

    I agree ’bout the oatmeal. I started putting egg whites in it though and that made all the difference! It’s now the most filling breakfast I can have. Oh, let’s not forget the banana and almond butter that I add…um, I should prob. check the calorie content on that one!

    Also, I was riding my bike on a trail recently and saw a squirrel that had gotten hit, was bleeding from the head, and having what I assume was a seizure. I was HORRIFIED! I was totally crying for several miles and knew I had to go by the scene on my way back! Luckily, someone had removed him from the trail by the time I came back, but there was a puddle of blood. AWFUL!

  11. says

    I’ve been living overseas for almost 5 years so my first response is: they;ve got Starbucks in Target?! I think I just heard the heavens open up.

    I’m sorry about the gosling – that would make me sad too.

  12. Elana says

    I’m the same way with oatmeal! Even if I add egg whites and/or peanut butter and/or protein powder, I’m still hungry soon after! I’m jealous of everyone who says otherwise… sigh.

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