Taco Salad Wrap

I was going to make another taco salad for lunch today, but I was craving a sandwich too. So, I decided a wrap would give me that sandwich “bite” while letting me stuff it full of taco salad veggies – the best of both worlds!

I piled lettuce, salsa, mushrooms, sprouts beans and guac on a wrap.IMG 8059 thumb Taco Salad Wrap

Then, wrapped it up and dipped it in more guacamole! Love it!IMG 8065 thumb Taco Salad Wrap

This morning breakfast was boring, oatmeal. I know you have seen 548 million pictures of oatmeal in your travels through the blog world. Boo.IMG 8053 thumb Taco Salad Wrap

Mid-morning I made a protein smoothie. IMG 8055 thumb Taco Salad Wrap

I’m trying figure out the best timing for my meals and snacks. I don’t realize it very often, but when I wait too long between meals I get really shaky. And, I always get hungry around 6pm and snack the evening away instead of waiting until dinner.

I want to see how different timed snacks can help me not get hungry until 7pm so I can eat dinner with Ben icon smile Taco Salad Wrap Because really, I end up eating with him anyways…

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    • says

      Ha! No, Mexicans don’t put that many veggies in their burritos :)

      You got me Hallie. But really, I use this wrap bread that’s rectangle so I don’t feel like it’s a tortilla. And if it’s not a tortilla, it’s not a burrito.

  1. says

    That wrap looks so good. It’s making my crave black beans like no other. I am constantly trying to switch up snacks and meals to try and find what keeps me the most satisfied. It’s weird I am fine between bfast and lunch but I want to snack so much and get cravings all afternoon.

  2. Lisa says

    Great article. I hold my breath without even knowing it. I try to check in with myself once in awhile.

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