Ben and I wanted to try one more place before deciding on where to get our anniversary cake. Today we tried two flavors of cupcakes from Oh What a Cake! in Columbia.

Coconut cake with pineapple mousse – It was good, but I don’t really like coconut. Ben loved this one though. He liked that the cake was mild and similar to pound cake. He also loves all things coconut.IMG 8515 thumb Cupcakes!

Chocolate cake with cherry filling – We agreed that fruit filling with chocolate cake doesn’t work. The icing was good, but I want a darker chocolate in my desserts.IMG 8514 thumb Cupcakes!

Dinner – After a day of tons of random snacking on too many carbs and junk (see below) I went with a salad for dinner. I need to remember that sugar only causes more sugar cravings in my life.IMG 8505 thumb Cupcakes!


Monsoon! This afternoon it started pouring out of no where. It was crazy!!! IMG 8502 thumb Cupcakes!


- cottage cheese w/ jelly and crackers

- SB protein bar

- apple

- cereals with milk

- granola cookie

- 1/2 piece of bread with AB

It was one of those days…


  1. says

    I’m not a coconut fan either but the pineapple mousse sounds bomb. YUM!

    I love getting cupcakes. I think it’s a good way to sample what kind of cake you guys want to get for the anniversary! I love fruit-filled white cakes over chocolate.

  2. Ashley C says

    I hope someone eats my anniversary cake so I can do another tasting and order another cake when I get married some day hehe. Is it sad that I’m looking more forward to cake tastings/picking out a cake than a dress??

  3. stephreyn85 says

    Maybe im an airhead and I missed it, but you busted out some champagne a few days ago to celebrate…did we find out what it was for???

  4. says

    Cupcakes look delicious!! DC has some very amazing cupcake places. It helps me becuase I can enjoy cake within some sort of portion control.

  5. Alyssa says

    Our 2 year anniversary is in July and I am really sad that it doesn’t involve cake like last year :(. However, I think I am going to follow your plan and just get one anyone (after as much taste testing as possible).

  6. says

    I got caught in that freak storm yesterday walking back from Trader Joe’s! Good thing I randomly had an umbrella in my massive bag.

    And while everyone else was grumbling about the rain, I was content because I had TJ’s treats in my bag. Totally worth getting a little wet over.

  7. says

    I’m the exact same way with sugar. Sugar just leads to more intense sugar cravings. A lot of times I can satisy the craving with something like trail mix or an apple with pb.

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