Yoga Mat Flip Flops

When I went to Ben’s annual college reunions a few weekends back I made the mistake of bringing “cute” shoes instead of comfy ones. I didn’t realize there was so much walking involved and ended up getting blisters on my toes icon sad Yoga Mat Flip Flops

I was dying to get my shoes off, but could not find a place to buy some cheap flip-flops. Finally on the way to dinner we walked by the Princeton Running Store and even though it was after closing time the nice store employees let me come in and buy some flippers. IMG 9230 thumb Yoga Mat Flip Flops

I only had a minute, so I grabbed the first pair in my size. As we were paying for them the employee pointed out that these are made from a real yoga mat. When I put them on (right then and there) I told him I did feel more Zen immediately. “Ommm…”

These are the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever had. I wear them constantly and am already considering buying another pair. Love. IMG 9231 thumb Yoga Mat Flip Flops

The sandals are by Sanuk. And I did not get them for free nor am I being compensated for unabashedly raving about their shoes. This is all me.

This morning was Day Two of training = 4 hilly miles. I (being from pancake flat areas of SoCal) think everywhere in my city is hilly.  I just did my same 4 mile route that I did yesterday.

Then, I couldn’t decide between a smoothie or a yogurt bowl for breakfast. I went yogurt. My big issue with yogurt bowls is, I prefer cereal in milk not yogurt. So I always end up eating my yogurt bowl and then adding cereal and milk to get my fix. This is not a good plan.IMG 9228 thumb Yoga Mat Flip Flops

In the mix: greek yogurt, chia seeds, Vitatop, banana, PB, huge raisins, Kashi H2H. (Then, I added cereal and soymilk. I don’t know why, but I almost always do this.)

IMG 9229 thumb Yoga Mat Flip Flops


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    I could live in flip flops. I am actually look for the slide in ones with no toe separator for when I am biking, etc. Sometimes my feet get sensitive. I’ll have to look for that brand!

  2. says

    My absolute FAVORITE flip flops bit the dust last summer after many happy years. :( I haven’t been able to find a replacement that I like. Major bummer.

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    How funny you blogged about those flip flops, I was just in a store looking at them yesterday thinking they looked super comfy but are they worth the money! Perfect timing :)

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