Burger without the Patty

This morning I took Ben to work (he sold his car yesterday) and then hit up the gym. It was a pretty rushed day, thus I am just now stopping by to say “Hello!”.

I threw together a bowl of wonderful – Greek yogurt, chia seeds, Vitatop, Pepita Butter and Peanut Butter. This is one of the best healthy creations ever (and ever is a long time).

IMG 9443 thumb Burger without the Patty 

Even though I made a great breakfast for myself, I LOVED the way Ben’s PB toast looked so I stole a bite. I haven’t had a PB&J in too long and have a major craving!

IMG 9438 thumb Burger without the Patty

After STRIKE! at the gym I bought a Powerade. I do not like these very much, but it’s the only kind of sports drink they sell. I really wanted something with electrolytes since I’ve been dragging on my runs though.IMG 9444 thumb Burger without the Patty

I met up with my friend, Kristin, for lunch. As always, she has a great selection of healthy options! I made a veggie burger with ketchup and mustard. I also ate her Baked Ruffles and Wheat Thins. She’s trying to avoid carbs and was happy to unload them icon smile Burger without the Patty IMG 9447 thumb Burger without the Patty

When I got home I was still hungry so I broke into the cereal. I was hungry when I started, but went a little too far.IMG 9448 thumb Burger without the Patty

Ben had some computer parts we were donating to a local high school robotics club and since I’m his chauffer I had to take him. His directions included, “It’s right next to a Five Guys Burgers.” How convenient.

I already felt like the day was shot so I went with it. He was especially excited for the free peanuts. But, I had to convince him to stop throwing the shells on the floor – it’s not that kind of place!

IMG 9450 thumb Burger without the Patty

Nuts! IMG 9451 thumb Burger without the Patty

I ordered the veggie cheese sandwich with “the works”. I never miss the burger when you have all the fixings. I swear that the key to a great burger (without the patty) is the secret sauce! This thing was full of more than enough greasy goodness – no cow needed.

IMG 9452 thumb Burger without the Patty

Piled high with veggies, cheese and sauce!IMG 9453 thumb Burger without the Patty

Fries, shared with Ben icon smile Burger without the Patty

IMG 9456 thumb Burger without the Patty

BLTs –

- ww roll with PB&J

- a handful of chocolate candies

- 78 bottles of seltzer, give or take

Now we are trying to get a wine bottle open without a cork (I already packed it, and am not sure where!). Any suggestions?


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    I am curious about the Powerade Zero, I’ve been looking for a no calorie electrolyte drink since I sweat like CRAZY when I workout! I have somewhat successfully used a knife to open a wine bottle, but it ended up being a huge mess.

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    I love 5 guys!!! I always get their cajun fries (large) and split with my husband. However, I will already also be eating the hell out of those peanuts! Why do they have them there…dont they know I am addicted to nuts? ha ha Anyway, I love 5 guys because the toppings are super fresh.

    Your breakfast this morning looks yummy and like you said pretty healthy. Which by the way, what is Pepita butter?

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    I went out yesterday and bought 8 bottles of G2 because I’ve felt so off lately. I just needed electrolytes too! Running in the humidity really takes a toll on you. I felt tons better after downing a bottle, even if it was a bit to sweet.

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    Oooh Five Guys, total trouble for me. Those guys need a lady on their team:)

    Not sure about the wine cork, going to have to Google McGuyver videos.

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    Hey, I know how you can open the wine w/ out a cork screw. You can use a regular screw – screw it into the cork leaving a bit out of the top and pull it out w/ some pliers…. that is if you didn’t pack up those types of items already as well!

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    This is probably too late, but I was at the beach about two years ago camping. We remembered the wine, but forgot the wine cork. My friend’s awesome husband knew how to literally break off the neck of the wine bottle without getting shards of glass in the wine. It was awesome.

    Another idea I’ve witnessed…drill a screw (preferably with an electric screw driver) into the cork and pull.

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    actually there is. you can buy a wire for it. Its only like 2 bucks. then you can change out your servos without having to worry about which one is reversed.Even my dad knows that and hes been flying for 39 years(1970)

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