Interview and Lunch Date

Today I had another interview and this time it was pretty close to where Ben works so we decided to meet up for lunch.

We hit up a local Thai place we meant to try before we left CA, but never got the chance at the time. I love that they have decently priced lunch specials that come with soup, salad and rice. IMG_9824 

I always ask for brown rice, but not many places have it. Boo. I have considered going without rice if it’s white, but I can’t bring myself to do that.IMG_9825


I ordered “Pad Broccoli with Bean Cake” and LOVED it. I told Ben this might be my new favorite Thai restaurant and dish! The sauce was super flavorful and I dumped some of the rice directly in the small dish to soak it up.IMG_9828

Yummy bean cake :)IMG_9827

Yummy Beef Cake <3IMG_9829

Normally I am the one begging for frozen yogurt, but since the Thai place was right next door to a self serve joint Ben suggested we have dessert. Um, if you know me at all you know I will never turn down frozen yogurt. Fact.IMG_9833

We shared one though, which is rare. I usually refuse to share dessert because I am a dessert hoarder. Unfortunately, I end up hoarding the consequences in my ass. Darn.IMG_9832

I took a picture of the nutritional information they had posted up. I know fro-yo is all the rage and these stats are pretty much the same any where you go. Hope it helps :)IMG_9831

Before my interview and lunch date I ran  5 miles before getting ready. I wasn’t fast, but at least I’m consistent?

5 Miles –

Mile 1: 9:00

Mile 2: 9:00

Mile 3: 9:02

Mile 4: 8:56

Mile 5: 9:00

And I used my favorite healthy bagels to make a scrumptious breakfast. These are my fave healthy bagels, but my fave all around bagels would be Panera French Toast of Choc Chip 😉 IMG_9816

Slathered with LC cheese and jam. IMG_9823

I made a quick stop at Ikea on the way home. I didn’t get anything, but am shopping around for ALL the furniture for our condo.

Now I’m chomping on cherries and writing this blog post for you nice people. I have some business to attend to before I can kick off my shoes and relax.IMG_9834

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. amy says

    a 9 minute mile is fast! really, it is! your blog makes me laugh all the time. good luck in your job search.
    amy from LA

  2. says

    Oh I definitely do NOT share dessert either. I am a dessert snob and won’t even let my hubby have a smell. Especially when it comes to fro yo! :)

    Good luck with your interview. You look great so that is already one step in the right direction! 😉

  3. says

    I alway tell myself I’m not going to eat the rice at a restaurant & I always have just over half. its so yummy.

    Frozen yogurt is the bomb. I love it. seriously delicious!

    Hope the interview went well.

  4. says

    Good luck on the job interview. I love fro-yo too but around my place it can be quite expensive so I don’t get it very often. However, it is a much better option to eat than heavy calorie ridden homemade icecream

  5. ida says

    I hope something good comes from your interviews soon! spicy thai and then fro-yo to cool off with is my favorite combo.

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