Get To Work

I casually mentioned that I was starting my new job today. I don’t really want to talk about it too much since I’m not sure if it’s cool with them for me to talk about, but I can tell you I’m working as an Office Administrator in Orange County very close to my soon to be new condo :)

The position is 30 hours a week so I will have time to pursue more writing work and finally finish studying for my Personal Training Certification! This job choice is a strategic move for all my new pursuits – including having set time dedicated to RER.

What this means for RER:

- For the next three weeks my week day posting may be late. Hey, better late than never, right?! (Please say yes.)

- My eats will now be more “real” in that I think “real life” for most people means eating on the run/at work/with time constraints. I’m hoping to show more healthy packed lunches and lots of snacks.

- I will respond to emails and comments twice a day and set a schedule for getting back to everyone within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

- I may actually have pics on the blog where I put on make-up and dress decent. Well, at least at first… IMG_9954

I’m excited to finally get settled in California, but that won’t really happen until August when we move into our place. For now Ben and I are carpooling together from my mom’s. Company definitely makes the ride more pleasant.

Before I went to my first day of work I did 4.8 miles. It wasn’t the best run, but it wasn’t the worst? That’s that.

Breakfast was a Perfect 10 bagel with LC cheese and an apple.IMG_9937 When I got to work my new co-workers brought me a “Welcome donut”. I ate half and then jumped back on the CFW challenge.

Then, I spent the day learning a bunch of new stuff. Even if it’s not hard work, new work can be overwhelming. I think I’ll be okay though :)

I ate lunch while waiting for Ben to come pick me up. He had dropped me off at work, but I needed the car earlier so we had to switch.

Check out my new lunch bag and massive bottle of water! Love my new lunch contraption. IMG_9938

I pack this thing full of goodies! The stretch factor helps me stuff more snacks in there! IMG_9939


Plus a Chobani for protein.IMG_9942

Mid-afternoon I had some cherries. These cherries are amazing, I need to find that cherry vendor again! IMG_9944

After work I ran a quick errand before picking up Ben from work. While errand-ing I had some almonds and cereal. These packets are almonds definitely hold off my hunger better than any 100 cal pack of cookies.IMG_9945

On the l-o-n-g drive home I had one random thing on my mind – TUNA. I was on a tuna mission and the first thing I did was crack open a can and mix it up with mayo, relish and mustard.IMG_9946

I made it right in my salad bowl and then added lettuce, onions, tomatoes and hummustard.  IMG_9948

I really want dessert, but I need to dig one up that doesn’t have sugar. Darn, Crap Free Week!?!

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Me: “My laptop is too big to carry around. Should I get an iPad?”

Ben: “I think we can find a better way to spend $500. We should get an iCouch or an iTable first…”

Ha! It’s funny because we don’t have any furniture at all :)

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