On The Move

Hello and Happy Tuesday :)

Last night was the last night we are staying at my mom’s. Our condo is still in shambles, but I need to bite the bullet and officially move in so I can start fixing it up.

Yes, we’re going to be sleeping on an air mattress, but part of that is because we don’t want to get a bed until we re-do the floors.IMG_0562

Over the weekend Ben started pulling up the carpet. We want to put down wood flooring (the fake kind), but have no idea what we’re doing. Oh well, it will be another learning experience, right?!IMG_0564

This morning I did 5 miles at a 9 minute/mile pace. I wasn’t feeling it at first, but I’m glad I got out there.

Since we had to grab our stuff and head to Orange County I made a quick breakfast – smoothie and leftover muffin. IMG_0558

After my body fat mention yesterday Chandra sent me an email with a breakdown of how much fat I need to lose to get to my goal. I’m going to be addressing this in a bit.

For now I must get to all these boxes!


  1. Marlon @MeInTheBalance says

    The new design looks great! It reminds me of how I need to finally get my own blog up and running. :/
    It looks like you guys have your work cut out for you in the condo but it will all be worth it when you finish. If you’re interested, here’s a link with tips for installing laminate flooring:
    Let me know if you guys need anything (I’ve got a lot of underused tools in my garage if Ben wants to borrow anything.)

  2. says

    i like the new look! if you redo the floors, you can go to home depot and get interlocking pieces so you don’t need any glue, a lot easier and less mess! we did ours and i promise its not hard, a little time consuming but thats it.

  3. says

    new to your blog…found you admist some HLS linkbacks…anyway, “hi!” :)

    body fat..never had it taken in my life til 6 mos ago when i did in advance of my fitness competition/bodybuilding show.

    Im a high raw vegan so I dont really pay much attention to stats and numbers…I just dont care LOL

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