Up And Out

This morning I did my first run around my new neighborhood. (I actually ran here a few times before we moved to Maryland, but that’s another story for another day.)

I am convinced that the route I took this morning is all uphill on the way out! Luckily that means its downhill on the way back. I can’t complain, but those first 3 miles of uphill were brutal!IMG_0585

Mile 1: 9:11

Mile 2: 9:06

Mile 3: 9:28

Mile 4: 8:27 (Yeah for down hill at the turn around!)

Mile 5: 8:30

Mile 6: 8:56

Post run I came home to the power being off so I couldn’t use the microwave to make my planned Vitatop Parfait. Instead I made a beautiful yogurt bowl. IMG_0582

The power was back on shortly after so I think fate was telling me to eat this delicious meal :) I also added some Barney Butter post photo shoot because if I don’t have nut butter for breakfast my tummy gets angry.


I have convinced my Nino and Nina to come help me with the floors, so I gotta go!

Make it a great day!

Question: What would you eat if there was no power to cook dinner tonight?

Me: Take out.


But, if I had to eat something here it would probably be cheese and crackers and fruit.


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    Trader Joe’s hummus! :) And I love that their cheese is a lot cheaper than other places. Maybe a quinoa salad. You don’t have to actually COOK quinoa. If you pull up a package of quinoa from Costco, they just ask you to add cold water. :)

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    Salads and leftovers are my excuse for not wanting to cook. I just had leftover eggplant, hummus, and baked beans all over spinach and cold. Hit the spot.

    I need to ask what a nino and nina are

  3. says

    I would normally say hummus – but I had that for lunch.
    So either a big salad with black beans, goat cheese and veggies or a bagel with goat cheese and mators.

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    Great run! Those hills make for some pretty sweet negative splits. I have the opposite problem..downhill out, uphill back.

    I’d end up eating a dinner salad if I was without power…or a pizza?!

  5. says

    That is definitely tough. Probably a huge salad with a billion veggies, beans and sunflower seeds. Most of my meals, even in the summer, involve some sort of cooking!

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