September Challenge

Way back in January I decided to make 2010 my healthiest year yet by incorporating a healthy (or happy) habit each month. I think I forgot about August, but we’ll let that slide since I just did the whole cross country move and all. good health sign

Because Ben and I just moved and are fixing up our place, plus I’m only working part time and going back to school… our expenses need to be reigned in big time. So, my September Challenge* is to not eat out.

*We are going on vacation this weekend and while we are out of California this Challenge is void because of logistics. I didn’t want to postpone this challenge for another month because we really have to get it together.

I have set a budget for groceries I am going to try and stick to and also I have given myself a $10.00 a week allowance for drinks or miscellaneous.

Added bonus of the challenge – eating healthier. Since our kitchen was out of commission for over a week we got way too comfortable with take out.

Anyone else doing a September Challenge?

You don’t have to do mine, do something that fits where you are in the world right now :)

Lunch was packed quick style because that’s how I roll (read: I’m always late and it’s tragic). I threw some salad in a baggie and a frozen meal. IMG_0897

Serving a frozen meal on a bed of veggies is a great way to make the meal healthier and bulk it up at the same time. *I took this picture just as my co-worker came out of his office and I had to explain the blog. Awkwardness ensued. IMG_0901

The last part of lunch was cottage cheese and Honey Nut O’s. The cereal was perfectly sweet enough to make this combo amazing. Bonus: I got Organic cottage cheese on sale. IMG_0898

My snacks for school – apple (which I ate about 5 minutes after lunch), AB&J (my new energy bar) and carrots. IMG_0900

After a long day I headed home to throw together a quick dinner. I had cooked up ground turkey for Ben yesterday and mixed it with Annie’s Mac n Cheese plus 2 Laughing Cow Wedges. It’s like Cheeseburger Helper, but better and healthier. IMG_0904

Dessert – A huge pack of Annie’s snacks were on sale at Costco and I figured, why not. I may or may not have poured these in a bowl and eaten it like cereal. I’ll give you a hint – I did. IMG_0907

Okay, one more day of work and school and then I have Friday off! Getting back into the swing of things hasn’t been smooth, but I’m enjoying the adventure.


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    This challenge is such a good idea! I think I’m going to do a similar one – no going out to eat unless it’s a dinner date with a group of friends. This is so I won’t order food and eat it in the car anymore – I hate this habit of mine! :)

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    My husband and I decided to tackle the “Date Night” challenge. To spend more fun time together during the weekdays (not just sitting by side on the couch on our own laptops), one person gets to choose activities during a weeknight once per week. Fun times! :) Good luck with your challenge…not eating out would be REALLY difficult for me.

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    Great challenge! Mine is to make more creative dinners, whether it’s revamping leftovers or trying something totally new. I need to break out of my foot rut.

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    I just started a new job and have yet to introduce the blog to my coworkers. I’m sure awkwardness would ensue.

    Good challenge! I have been working really hard to cut back on eating out. My BF and I usually try to cook on ‘special’ meal at home to make the evening seem more date-like.

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    I just “outed” my blog at school… coworkers love it, but it was a little odd. My September challenge? Yeah… I’m rejoining weight watchers (for real this time) and starting to actually lose weight again. Apparently, I’m starting over.

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    i think this is a great september challenge! i just moved too and have a pretty low paying job so making and sticking to a budget is going to be key.

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    I can’t make goals for the month ahead, it’s too far for me – my willpower doesn’t extend that far! Instead I’ve broken it down and my goal for the week is to document everything I eat for 7 days… even this is going to be a push! Sammy x

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    My goal for September is to actually start taking running seriously again. I had a stress fracture at the end of last year and since it’s healed I’ve just puttering around and unable to get back into the swing of things. It’s time for me to get back on track!

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    I’m definitely trying to tackle my sweet tooth this month. I have been cutting back on my artificial sugar use. I have been using half packets of Stevia instead of full ones in my oatmeal and green monsters. So far, doing pretty good.

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    I think that is such a great thing, setting goals for yourself and all – I should really do that, but I know I wouldn’t stick with it. *sigh*
    How was the Lean Cuisine – never tried that one. I’m glad I am not the only “healthy living” blogger that eats them on occasion! :-)

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