Hello Old Friend


Unfortunately, lately I’ve been super busy and neglecting old friends because of this :( In this case my old friend is my foam roller. I haven’t used it at all since we moved in June! What makes it worse is June through September has included all of my marathon training – the time when I should use the foam roller most of all. Fail Monica, fail. Well, my IT band has been … [Read more...]

Stress Eating Is Not Intuitive Eating


It’s been over a month since my last appointment with Evelyn Tribole (RD and author of Intuitive Eating). Unfortunately, I’ve been way too busy to see her since then, but I have been doing really well with intuitive eating. Or at least, I was doing really well up until this week. I am still learning my body’s hunger cues so I really need to pay attention to them - something … [Read more...]