Cranberry Roasted Turnips, Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Thank you all for the help on Naming My Veggies! It was seriously a huge help in being able to at least name my new food!

After finding out what my loot was named I went in search of recipes. I loved the sound of the recipes you sent, but already found this one for the turnips and was sold. Tonight’s dinner recipe was inspired by this recipe I found on My

I busted out the long stemmed apples turnips, gave them a good cleaning and chopped them up.IMG_2137

Ingredients: turnips, apple, large sweet potato, dried cranberries, agave, brown sugar, olive oil, lime juice, cinnamon.IMG_2229

I chopped up the turnips, sweet potato and apple and put them in a bowl.

In a separate bowl I combined: 1 Tb. lime juice, 2 Tb Olive Oil, 2 Tb Agave, 1 Tb brown sugar, dash of salt and cinnamon.

Then, I poured it on the chopped veggies/fruit and tossed it around. At this point I added the cranberries. Before putting it in the oven I had the amazing idea to add a can of chickpeas. I rinsed them off and tossed them in a Tb. of agave with a dash of salt and cinnamon before adding them to the pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.IMG_2231

Delicious! This is my new favorite dinner. IMG_2238 I am seriously in love with this!

Added bonus: Ben liked it too :) He is not a big fan of chickpeas (I know, right?) but he is a HUGE fan of dried cranberries so I think they distracted him 😉 IMG_2237

I have been getting a lot of really great questions from readers lately and thought I’d share my response on this one here.

I love your style of eating/cooking. What are you most conscious about? how many calories something has? how much protein? how much fat? where the ingredients come from?

My first thought when I read this was, I don’t think there is one of those options that really jumps out at me.

I think my thought process when I am going to eat is first “What do I want to eat?”

I usually go straight for that because my tastes are mostly healthy and I know that denying myself what I want just means I’ll eat it anyways.

Then I often ask myself: “Will it keep me full until my next meal/snack?” and “Should I add some protein or fat to that?”

I am aware of the fact that I need protein after runs, so I should incorporate it into breakfast (I run in the morning). That takes some effort/thought on my part because one of my fave breakfasts is almond butter toast – not exactly the highest protein option .

I am also aware that I’m more likely to binge if I don’t eat some kind of fat with breakfast or lunch. So, 9 times out of 10 there is nut butter with breakfast :)

Outside of that, I’m not aware of one thing more than another. I do not count calories or fat grams. Seriously. I am horrible with math in my head and really have no clue what things on plate add up to unless I make it a point to do that.

I try to keep in mind where the ingredients come from and I’m trying to buy more local foods. I also keep in mind that I disagree with factory farming, so if I’m going to ever eat meat then I would have to plan ahead and buy organic. This really  never occurs to me at the store, so it doesn’t happen.

Note: I will never say who asked me any question, as I want you to feel comfortable to ask me anything :)

Snacks!IMG_2218 IMG_2227 IMG_2245

In other news, I talked myself out of buying ice cream when I stopped at the store today for a few things. Now I totally regret it. SOB.

I was all proud of myself at the store, now I’m pissed at myself. Fantastic work, Monica.

I am now staring at this old pic longingly…pumpkin ice cream

See ya later!


  1. says

    Have you seen the Slow Churned Hot Chocolate ice cream? I just picked it up the other day and love it. I love all the slow churned brand though so I suppose I am biased.

  2. says

    Great dinner! These combos for fall veggies are perfect. I’ve been doing the same with squash, apples and cranberries. It also works so well with some Brussels Sprouts thrown in there.

    Awww I passed on the Pumpkin Ice cream too, but that is because we are moving next week and I knew if I bought it, it would be all me consuming a 1/2 gallon of ice cream. Now I’m kinda pissed at myself too. I could have totally killed that. 😉

  3. says

    That meal looks like Thanksgiving – what a great combo. I have fallen madly in love with chickpeas.

    I have never seen the pumpkin ice cream – I’m going to look for that next weekend – tis the season!

  4. Tawny says

    I just HATE that. You go by the ice cream and decide no, i’m not going to get that I don’t really need it I just want it. THEN 4 hours later it’s like Dang-it I should have gotten the ice cream. I know EXACTLY how you feel, sucks.

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