How Do You Commit To Fit? Contest!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started the day with a quick 3 miler. I’m really starting to get antsy about the race, but not in a good way. My stomach is already in knots!

After the run I made oat bran for breakfast. I received a lot of questions about oat bran so here’s the low down.IMG_2000

Oat bran:

  • is just the outer husk of the oat – and has a lot of fiber (it’s called “bran” hello)
  • is similar to Cream of Wheat in texture
  • you can cook it in the same way you cook oatmeal

For my breakfast bowl  I use:  1/3c oat bran, 1 cup almond milk, banana, stevia, dash of salt and cinnamon. I cooked this in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and stirred.

Then, I added 1/4c pumpkin and a sprinkling of chia seeds – this is totally optional. And cooked until thick.

Finally I topped it with yogurt and Cranberry PB. IMG_2247

I can never use a cute cup for my iced coffee because it’s always “To Go”! Ben thought it was funny because this is supposed to be a protein shaker cup. I can shake my coffee, right?IMG_2254After class I stopped by WF for a juice. These have been making me feel good and I need all the help I can get right now.IMG_2256

I also filled up on way too many soy crips, a few bites from the hot bar and leftover roasted veggies and chickpeas. It was a random lunch and I probably didn’t need it all, but whatev. IMG_2258

Subway recently contacted me regarding their Commit to Fit Challenge. The company is encouraging people to make a commitment to getting fit – but each in their own way.

You can enter their Commit to Fit sweepstakes on their Facebook page.  The grand prize is up to $26,200 – hmmm I wonder why they picked that number 😉subway sandwich

The company rep encouraged me to make my own “Commit To Fit Challenge” and offered to help support my efforts by sending me up to $100 for the cause. After really thinking about where I am with my health, mental health and fitness I knew it was really time to get serious about going to yoga once a week. 

So, I bought a package of classes and am formally committing to attend 1 class a week for the next 10 weeks!monica sitting yogaSubway also offered to support one of my readers in reaching their own commitment to fitness! The company will send you up to $100 to be applied to the fitness goal of your choice.

Some ideas:

– Sign up for that 5K you’ve been thinking about

– Buy a session with a personal trainer

– Try a new exercise class at the gym

To Enter: Leave a comment stating your personal “Commit To Fit” challenge.

The contest ends Wednesday at 8pm PST and I will choose the announce the winner Wednesday night.

As part of their Commit to Fit program Subway and RER have teamed up to offer 5 different amazing giveaways over the next 5 weeks.

Each Tuesday I will be posting a new contest, so be sure to check back!

Question: What is your Commit to Fit challenge or goal?


  1. says

    My Commit to Fit challenge would be to go to 1-2 hot yoga classes every week. I have been training for half marathons all year, and hot yoga really helps me stretch out all my sore muscles!

  2. Kathryn says

    What a great challenge/contest :) My Commit to Fit challenge would be yoga 2x a week or the beachbody Turbofire workout. Been dying to do both but a little short on money right now!

    Those juices look delicious..its probably good I don’t have a Whole Foods near me!

  3. Clare says

    My Commit to Fit challenge would be to practice yoga once a week – and to really be present and focus while doing it. There are so many mental and physical benefits to taking the time to breathe and focus.
    The Commit to Fit is such a great concept!

  4. says

    Now that the weather is cooling down, I want to switch my focus from cycling (I do not have the gear for cycling in the snow…and am not sure I want it 😉 ) to Pilates. My goal is to start doing Pilates 3x a week again!

  5. says

    After reading all of the great recaps this weekend, I decided to sign up for my first marathon (Rock n roll san diego)! I would commit to doing yoga once a week as well as my training!

  6. Aimee says

    I ran my first half marathon this weekend, the Hartford ING Woo-hoo! It was an incredible experience for me. I trained really well and I felt fantastic the entire race. So I am excited to keep going, more running, more races, more goals… I am already signed up to do a 5K in December. I would love to try another half marathon in the spring before I decide if a full marathon is in my future.

    Monica, I love love love your blog and that you keep it real. Good luck to you on your upcoming marathon. I have such admiration for you and all the marathoners. Such an inspiration!

  7. says

    What a great giveaway. My commit-to-fit challenge is to try strength training once a week. I don’t do any now so even once a week would be an improvement!

  8. says

    My Commit to Fit challenge is completing the Colorado Marathon in May. I have run 4 half marathons during the past 3 years, but never a full marathon.

  9. says

    My Commit to Fit challenge would be to try some classes at the gym. I’ve been too intimidated (and lazy) to do it but I need to suck it up and try!

  10. Lisa says

    I love your blog and think your honesty realness is so refreshing! I have an oatbran question – what’s the texture like? I find oatmeal to be too mushy. I know you mentioned Cream of Wheat but is it like instant CoW or like the on top of the stove stuff that was sometimes lumpy (at least that’s how my mom made it!)?

    My Commit to Fit challenge would be to take TRX classes. One of the smaller gyms near me offers them and I think it would be a great way to shake up my routine and use my own bodyweight (which is plenty!) to build strength.

    Thanks for the great posts!

  11. Angie says

    Great giveaway! My commit to fit is the same as yours, yoga class 1x a week. I’d really like to attempt hot yoga, and there’s a studio down the street from me that I’ve been dying to try.

  12. Jen says

    My challenge would be to run a half marathon this winter. Also, do strength training at least once a week (right now I do none )

  13. rebekah nalepinski says

    My challenge would be to join my local gym. I live a rural community and run my dirt road for exercise. It would be nice to go to the gym on rainy/cold/snowy days.

  14. says

    I need to improve my strength training routine and add some cross training (maybe spin) into my life. I love running, but I know I need to do something else to stay strong.

    Another goal is to clean up my eats a bit. I tend to use running as an excuse to eat more junk, but then I feel pretty crappy. Time to change that!

  15. Katie P. says

    My commit to fit goal is to do one cardio class and one yoga class a week. Since graduation I have found it hard to get to the gym … winning would be a nice motivator!

  16. erica says

    my commit to fit goal is to take one (or two!) of the pilates classes offered at my gym each week. i’ve been wanting to go for a while, but always chicken out. tonight is class #1!

  17. says

    I want to commit to trying a new class at the gym for the next 4 weeks. I’d love to try spinning and a few others that they just started offering. What a great way to challenge us! Thanks for the giveaway

  18. Kellie says

    I want to train and run the Huntington Beach full marathon for my birthday in February. This is just the motivation I need.

  19. says

    What is your Commit to Fit challenge or goal?

    I’m thinking about signing up for a 5k (Almost positive Im signing up fpr November). I almost did a 10k last sunday. Changed my mind since Ive never ran…but I plan on starting soon. I need it. Especially since the holidays are coming up & I dont want to get fat(ter). I need to lose weight…

    Oh! And buy tires for the new “used” bike that I’ve never ridden…and start riding at least twice/week.

  20. stephanie says

    My commit to fit challenge would be to really get serious about Bikram. I love it so, but man is it a commitment! I would definitely strive to do a thirty day challenge.

  21. says

    This is perfect for me. I am signing up for my FIRST 1/2 marathon in February! I made a training plan today and I am committed and ready. The $100 would be perfect because it would cover my entrance fee. Gasparilla 1/2 marathon or BUST.

  22. Kara says

    My Commit to Fit would be to buy a bike and start taking advantage of all the bike paths around my new apartment! I can’t run or do hard cardio for the next 7 1/2 months or so, so biking sounds like an awesome alternative for the time being to keep my fitness level up :)

  23. Danielle J says

    I would LOVE to register for a session with a personal trainer. I’ve got cardio covered but when it comes to strength training I always feel lost. Someone to work with me to create a training plan would be wonderful! :)

  24. Jennifer says

    My Commit to Fit challenge is signning up for the Big Sur half marathon! The longest I’ve ever ran is a 10k, so I am excited for the challenge. I know that I am going to have to be committed to a training plan, something I’ve struggled with in the past!

  25. Sarah E. says

    My Commit to Fit challenge would be signing up for the O’Connell Extreme Fitness class at my gym… I need something to keep my motivation after coming off my marathon this weekend!

  26. says

    First off you look so pretty in your picture! I love that top! And second, I am trying to get back into running shape. I stopped running consecutively and stuck to other exercises, but after signing up for a 15k I want to get back to my strong running self! this is such an awesome contest Mon! Hope u reach your goals too!


  27. Kristy says

    My commit to fit goal is to run a half marathon in the spring. i have recently quit smoking and now am able to run 5 miles – I couldn’t run 5 minutes without losing my breath before. This half marathon goal will keep me motivated to stop smoking!

  28. says

    My Commit to Fit goal: I really want to run/walk a race, distance to be determined, within a year of the day I had my ankle reconstructed. Whether that’s a little 5k or a half marathon, either one would be such an accomplishment.

  29. Martha says

    I do all right with cardio, but my strength training is essentially non-existent…so for my Commit to Fit challenge, I’ll enroll in a Body-Pump style class at my gym. Thanks for the chance to win, Monica!

  30. Jessica F says

    I signed up for my first half-marathon today. I’ve been planning on doing it for a couple weeks (and have been keeping up with my training) but I actually turned in the fee today. I want to finish (and have a decent time. Not sure what that means for me yet…). Another goal I have is to start looking at my food choices and making sure I’m meeting my nutritional needs to keep up with my lifestyle.

  31. Sara B says

    My commit to fit challenge would be to go to a sports nutritionist to get on target with eating. I eat healthfully for the most part, but I believe I have an intolerence to something and would love to get it figured out so I can start seeing the results I have been working so hard for.

  32. Jennifer says

    My Commit to Fit challenge is to finally sign up for a full marathon. I will be doing my third half this December and I’ve been making one excuse after another to avoid the full….but not anymore!!!!

  33. Stephanie S. says

    My personal Commit to Fit Challenge is to start working out regularly again. New shoes would be just the ticket to get me motivated again!

  34. Lisa says

    My Commit to Fit Challenge is to sign up for a personal training session. I am currently in the process of living a healthier life. I have already lost 8 pounds! I want to have a personal training session so they can show me what I can do in a gym to help me reach my goal!

  35. Donna says

    Getting into Yoga to supplement my running regime. It’s been SO hard to lose the baby weight after #2. I can do it!

  36. says

    I love this promotion that Subway is doing. I think my “Get Fit” goal would be to invest in more activities that I could do with my husband. We use to work out together but I’ve spent way too much time running and not spending time doing things we both enjoy. I would like to get him a gym membership so that we can both work out together again.

  37. Casper says

    I am trying to get back into shape after having a baby. My son is now 8 months old and I have finally resumed running on a regular basis. I am training for a 5k and then hope to run a half marathon in February.

  38. amanda richter says

    my commit to fit would be to either continue signing up for 5k, 10k or 15k. I would also like to meet with a nutritionist so I can get past counting points and start eating clean!

  39. Pam says

    My commitment is to run at least three times per week, so that I can build up endurance and possibly run a half marathon sometime in the next year!

  40. Judy says

    My commit to fit is to exercise at least 5 x week. I’d also like to mix up my exercise program and try some different workouts like kettlebell, HIT training, and yoga.

  41. says

    This is good timing for me! I would commit to trying something new: I would really love to sign up for a dance class at a studio somewhere in the city; like modern dance for adults or something. Or hip-hop. I am ready to take a break from running after all this marathon training!

  42. says

    My commit to fit goal is to reincorporate strength training into my workouts. Training for my half marathon has totally cut down on the amount of weight lifting I’ve done in the past few months and I really do miss it! I love running but really want to be more balanced in my exercise.

  43. Emily G says

    My commit-to-fit goal is to take a TRX class – I’m pretty reluctant to do any strength training, even though I know it’s a huge thing for improving endurance and recovery for running and biking so it would be a good challenge.

  44. says

    My ‘Commit to Fit’ Challenge is to run the New Orleans Marathon in February! I desperately want to run it because I think it would be such a fun race, and also February is an extremely depressing month in Chicago and I usually go through major bouts of S.A.D. around that time and I would be thrilled to get out of the midwest for the weekend to run 26.2 miles!

  45. Kianni says

    My commit to fit challange is to do yoga 7 days a week for at least half an hour (which I already do) AND incoperate in at least different pose each day of the week; I usually do the same routine everyday, so adding in some different poses will be good.

  46. Ellie says

    My Commit to Fit challenge is a revival of my love for running! I actually just signed up for my 2nd half marathon even though I haven’t run more than 3 miles in months and am super excited about getting back into it.

  47. says

    This contest is like an answer to my prayers!

    I desperately want to run the Disney half-marathon in January but I am a broke college student facing unemployment upon graduation. Needless to say, I have no way to pay for it.

    If I won the $100 I would come up with the remaining $35 and secure myself a spot in the race.

    It has always been a dream of mine to run Disney, and I would absolutely flip out (in a good way!) if I won!

    Crossing my fingers!

  48. Alyson says

    My commit to fit is hot yoga. I have left over horseback riding spinal injury and I know that yoga helps but I am in college and thus, broke!

  49. Katie R says

    I commit to running 3-4 times per week. I almost always run 2 times each week, but I really need to hit 3-4 times consistently if I want to improve my endurance.

  50. maja says

    funny, mine is pretty much the same as the one above me. I would like to run a few days a week and build up my endurance and be able to run faster. i used to run much more, then took a few months off and now i am starting up again. i know it can happen!

  51. says

    Either sign up with a personal trainer (I need new weight lifting ideas!), sign up for a gym with a pool, or start yoga classes. I need flexibility!

  52. says

    I would sign up for a 15k race. I dont have the money right now to invest in a race, but my commitment to fit would be to run a race in Chicago, IL!! :)

  53. griselda says

    I commit to doing 2 things as often as possible. Those 2 things are eating well and exercising at least 3 times a week. I know it sounds so simple but it really isn’t. Ive been doing it the last 2 weeks and have really committed differently than previous attempts. I have asthma and the combination of those 2 really have made a difference. Even in such a short time I don’t need to use my inhaler as much and I just FEEL good. So I will continue doing this every day and holding myself accountable. Reading your blog and some others really help because you eat pretty healthy and have introduced me to some delicious healthy alternatives to some things I already eat. :)

    I gotta say that I love the top your wearing in the picture with your coffee! And congrats on your commitment to yoga! I went last night to a yoga class after a hard workout and it really put me at ease. Ok last thing, I am so jealous you have a Whole Foods near you. Mine is kinda far away, but I’m going to make the trip tomorrow! 😀

  54. Loc says

    I wanna start racing! 5K, 10K, Half, and eventually work my way up to a full marathon! I wanna put my training to good use, and of course getting a shiny medal doesn’t hurt :)

  55. Carrie says

    As an elementary school teacher, I give a lot of ymself everyday to 30 special kiddos. My commit to fit challenge would be to restore my body and mind once a week at a local bikram yoga studio. I practiced in college, and then stopped when I started teaching full time. Now I realize how important it is to take care of myself so I can give to my students :)

  56. Rachel says

    I really want to sign up for another 5k! I did my first one last year and it was so much fun. I feel like I have the post-triathalon blues right now and I haven’t been motivated to sign up for another race yet.

  57. says

    I’m committing to be fit by signing up for a 10K in November! Also, I’m watching what I eat to ensure that I get enough nutrients (esp. iron- I’m anemic) in my diet. I’m thinking about doing a half early next year, too, depending on what my doctor says.

    Amy Lauren

  58. says

    With the holiday’s around the corner, I’ve been thinking about my next personal challege a lot recently. All year long I strive to make smart choices in regards to my diet and excercise. And then there’s Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and a whole slew of family birthdays in between November and February — with cake. And my healthy choices–and along with them, my healthy weight–go out the window. I’ve been thinking about how I can break the cycle, not just this year, but every year and I’ve decided to keep my race calendar full through the holidays. Hopefully that added motivation to stay fit will keep me accountable and set a good model for the future. If Subway would sponser a race entry or two that would be amazing, because this venture could get a little pricey!

  59. K says

    Hi long time reader! I’m an oc resident, do you go to yoga works? I used to go there but now I love the heat! Try bikram at the camp or core power if you feel like totally depleting yourself! It’s great

  60. says

    To really make use of my gym membership – I’m committed to going to as many group fitness classes as possible. I try to make one pilates class, one spin class and one sculpt each week. I love how they challenge my body in new ways each week!

  61. Kelly says

    My goal is to add more yoga in my life. I’m training for my first half marathon and I’ve read all about the benefits of yoga for runners.

    PS I love your shirt/dress/tunic thing in the coffee picture! Where is it from??

  62. says

    I feel best about myself when I feel like an athlete. My workouts are “training”, my food is “fuel” and I’m extra-conscious that everything I’m putting in to my body has a result on my performance. My year has been rough – I got promoted to a full-time desk job and I’m in grad school. I run, lift weights, and try to eat right, but I’ve gained about 10 lbs of fat and it makes me pretty sad. I feel like a schlumpy desk jockey and not an athlete.

    When I figure skate I feel like an athlete. The sensation of flying, the rigor of having every muscle twisting and pulling and working together, the challenge to master new skills, to push myself through every second of every practice, no matter how much that last tumble hurt, – even though there are no “Olympics” in sight – thrills me, makes my heart race, helps me power through my dull days in my cubicle and gather enough strength not to pig out on comfort food once I’m home. Why? Because I’ll be on the ice soon. But, it’s expensive, even as a once-a-week hobby, and with school and work I’ve completely stopped skating this fall.

    For Subway, I would commit to fit by remembering I AM an athlete and embracing the sport that taught me that I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am a warrior- and attending an adult figure skating class once a week for 10 weeks.

    We each have to find what makes us feel like athletes – that brings JOY to our pursuit of health. I find this on the ice and I wish I could unite with my joy more often.

  63. says

    My challenge is to incorporate steady strength training into my routine. I know how important it is but I cannot afford a gym membership. I would like to create a mini-strength area is my apt with some bands, weights, and new DVDs!

  64. says

    I don’t know why, but I’m intimidated by cooking my own beans! I know it’s probably ridiculous. Ha.

    That giveaway is amazing! I would love to have the money to pay for ZUMBA classes. Thanks love!

  65. Brianne says

    My commit to fit challenge will be to sign up for 3 5ks: one in November, one in December, one in January. This will give me a goal to work towards each month and keep me in the right mindset for getting fit and staying healthy!

  66. says

    I’ve got the running thing down but need more yoga in my life. After my marathon this weekend, I really hope to make yoga a priority!

  67. says

    that is so cool that Subway is doing that. I love companies who reaches out and help others live a healthy lifestyle.

    If I win, I would either use the money to throw a healthy dinner bash for my family, I will cook all the meals and introduce them to healthy ingredients they have not eaten before. Or I can sign up for fitness classes that I have not ever done before, like Hot Yoga classes

  68. Amanda says

    I really need more yoga in my life. My mental health has been suffering lately – picture: stress hives, stomach aches and breakouts. In hoping my fitness goal will help relieve some of this mental stress!

  69. Nicole @ Yuppie Yogini says

    To really improve my yoga practice I need to attend class 4-5 times per week. I’d also love to have quality yoga DVDs to use at home.

  70. Julia says

    I am trying to decide if I want to join some friends in a Grand Fondo team next year. It will be a big commitment (money and time) but what an opportunity! 122km up hill on a bike, it will be hard but I can do it. $100 would come in handy…

  71. Jamie says

    I would commit to running a 5k and doing yoga at least twice a week! I’m definitely a beginner yogi, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hot yoga classes! They help so much with my stress levels (I’m a senior in college!), and I always leave class feeling alive and ready to take on the day! Unfortunately, the costs add up too quickly!

  72. Emily says

    I commit to fit by running four-five days a week in anticipation of my first half marathon and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. :)

  73. Laura S. says

    I need to step up my strength training routine. Doing a workout with a trainer to get new ideas or joining my roommates for some workout DVD action would be great.

  74. Doreena says

    My commit to fit challenge is to join the gym opening up by my house. Having been recently dumped I think it would be a great motivation to get on track to a healthier more confident me. I would be an even better plus if the gym has punching bags! hahaha

  75. Chantal says

    My commit to fit is to diversify my workouts. I really need to throw in something other than running and I would really like to buy a pair of cross trainers for my non-running workouts.

  76. Michele says

    My commit to fit challenge is to run a half-marathon. I just completed my first 10-k last month and it felt fantastic! Now I want an even bigger challenge.

  77. Tawny says

    My commit to fit, is trying to run a 5K. I’ve never been a runner I always choose the ellptical or the bike, I want to train my body to use different muscles trhough running.

  78. jill says

    My commit to fit challenge is already to register and participate in the Las Vegas half marathon on 12/5/10. The trip is definitely going to be expensive but it’ll be worth it – it’s a huge milestone for my new fitter lifestyle.

    (I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but I’m not a big commenter. I just wanted to let you know that you are a big running inspiration to me. I taught myself to jog over the course of last year (and blogged my progress) from a completely sedentary lifestyle and I’m amazed every day at how far I’ve come.)

  79. Maren says

    Awesome Giveaway! I want to run a half marathon soooo bad. I have trained and signed up for TWO and haven’t succeeded! This year I am MUCH stronger and I really want something to commit me to finishing the race! You have motivated me sooo much, Monica, I love reading about your achievements! I can’t wait to hear the results of your Marathon this weekend, girl! Good luck!

  80. says

    I bought 10 training classes at a boxing studion that has to be used within 4 weeks! I’m commited to not waste my money so I’ll be there at least 3 times a week! 1 day down, 2 more to go for this week!

  81. Rae says

    Im pretty active and healthy in that way, so my commit to fit is eating wise!! I commit that my evening snack will be just that…A SNACK and not a meal!!

  82. Mela39 says

    My commit to fit challenge would be to include more weight training & toning exercises by learning how to use kettlebells!

  83. says

    My commit to fit challenge would be to take a boot camp class to get this booty back in shape! I have always wanted to take one of those classes, but haven’t been able to because they are expensive.

  84. says

    My commit to fit challenge would be to run a marathon! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a couples years since I caught the racing bug, but since I’m a recent college grad, shelling out $$$ for races can be financially difficult.

  85. Jen says

    My “commit to fit” challenge is to compete in a 10k… I’m steadily working my way there. Right now I’m in a 5 week “Boot Camp” at my local gym. It’s kicking my butt, but I love the workout and the support… diversifying my training like this has really helped me stay very motivated.

  86. says

    That is really cool!

    My commit to fit is to start a strength training routine. If I were to win I would get a personal trainer. If not, I am still committing and will do it on my own! I want to be strong!

  87. Ashley C says

    My goal is to run a full marathon, it’s on my list to accomplish before I die. Hope you like your yoga classes, I started taking classes twice a week and remembered how great it is for stress management and stretching my sore legs from running

  88. Danielle says

    I want to sign up for a 10k (and eventually a half-marathon)! New running shoes are definitely a necessity for this!

  89. Amisha says

    My commit to fitness challenge is to do weights or strength training approximately three times a week. I tend to ignore it in place of cardio, but want to change that.

  90. says

    I would like to sign up for the Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach, but I don’t want to do it until I’m sure I can do it. I hate to waste the $. But…it might be sold out by then. This $100 would allow me to sign up now and motivate me to make SURE I’m ready. :)

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