White Beans

I love colorful foods so I was hesitate to buy these white beans at the bulk bins today. I needed beans, but these guys weren’t jumping out at me. IMG_2259

Hmmmm. I was on the fence the whole way through.IMG_2260

But, I was able to just walk away from them since I cooked them in the crockpot instead of on the stove.IMG_2262

Three and a half hours on high later – they were splitting apart. That’s not a good thing, but I didn’t have high expectations for these beans.IMG_2263

Ahhhh. I was wrong. White beans are beautiful when they’re set on a colorful bed of salad :)IMG_2267

And while it’s not the most colorful dessert choice, you can never beat a massive chocolate chip cookie :) IMG_2266


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    I’ve never cooked plain beans in the slow cooker but want to try because they’re so much cheaper than canned beans! I bet it would be super convenient to make a big batch of them to have for soups, salads, etc. throughout the week.

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    Confession: Cooking uncooked beans scares me! Not sure why, but the can always seems so much more appealing. Is there a significant difference in taste?

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      No, I don’t think there is a significant difference in taste. Theoretically there is a significant difference in cost, but that doesn’t include the cost of your time to make them :)

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      I would say closer to a pinto bean. They don’t have a real powerful flavor or texture.
      Ice cream always > chocolate chip cookies, but chocolate chip cookies > than everything else :)

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    I love white beans! I have used them plently of times in my salads before or in a crockpot type of dish (white beans, chicken, and some type of veggie).

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