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We finally put up my sign in the kitchen :) IMG_3104 Today was the best time to put it up too because it’s been crazy over here in Run Eat Repeat land. And yes, in case you’re wondering – that’s how I refer to my house… “Hey, you guys want to come over to run eat repeat land?”

Just kidding, I never invite people over. That would require me to clean and it’s not happening.

I started my day with Jillian’s 30 day shred – level 1. I didn’t do it yesterday, so that’s a slight fail, but we’re moving on.

This morning I took breakfast on the go in a yogurt container.


On top of the yogurt left in the “bowl”– pumpkin, chia seeds, cereals, almond butter and love.IMG_3090

After class I raced home for lunch. HUNGRY means I needed something fast and easy (insert your mom joke here).

IMG_3093 Then, I topped it off with a Vitatop and some dead bread. That’s what happens when you’re too hungry.

The rest of the day: errands, writing, eating dirty grapes, cleaning up cat barf, thinking of ways to make my life sound more glamorous on the blog, finally deciding that’s a lost cause…

Dinner was a massive salad with gorgonzola, chickpeas, veggies and a side of fig bread with pumpkin butter.



Some more bread because it is Dia de los Muertos! Tip: serve the bread with pumpkin cream cheese if you want to change your life for the better.IMG_3075


Then I went to film my first “Ask a Monican” segment. Until I realized that I didn’t have any make-up on and looked like a shiny foreheaded wet cat. So I decided against it. IMG_3122

But, I guess showing you a picture of myself in all my shiny foreheaded glory really defeats the purpose of avoiding the video, right? Darn.

We are still waiting for out mattress, but the cat isn’t wasting any time making himself comfy. He better not barf through the slats. For those who asked – the bed was from Overstock.



Subway Commit to Fit Giveaway!

It’s that time again! I’m working with Subway to support their Commit to Fit challenge and they have set up a bunch of awesome gifts for RER readers. The company is challenging YOU to say what your commitment to getting fit is and enter giveaways on their Facebook page too.IMG_3106

  • Who Is Your Famous Fan Inspiration?

How do SUBWAY Famous Fans inspire you and your family to stay active? Is it Laila Ali’s impressive strength in the ring, or Michael Phelps powerful stroke in the pool? Whoever it may be, SUBWAY® designed the new series of reusable lunch bags around each one of the Famous Fans and their specific athletic talent.

Giveaway: Famous Fan themed bag of your choice, and a few fun items relevant to that person. Here is a list of SUBWAY’s participating Famous Fans:

· Michael Phelps

· Tab Ramos

· Ryan Howard

· Nastia Liukin

· Laila Ali

I chose Laila Ali and got a fan bag and a pair of pink boxing gloves! I Love it!I don’t know, but there is something about pink boxing gloves that scream mixed message in a very cool way.


To Enter: Leave a comment with your athletic inspiration from the list above.

Contest ends Thursday (Nov. 4)  morning at 8am PST. I will announce the winner Thursday.

Added question: I’m mulling over some changing to RER in terms of style and content. Does anyone else think daily food logs are kind of everywhere in a “dime a dozen” way? Thoughts?


  1. says

    I’m pretty inspired by Nastia Liukin, mostly because I can only dream of being an amazing gymnast. I quit gymnastics when they made me start going upside down. I can’t do a handstand, so it was all over for me then!

    As for your other question – I read a lot of “healthy living” blogs, but I ALWAYS skip the “here’s what I ate” part of the entry. While I AM interested in recipes, I am not so interested in the Larabar someone ate on their drive home, or the handful of dates they had as an after dinner snack, etc etc. Just my two cents :)

  2. stephreyn85 says

    yah, there are a lot of daily food logs, but yours seems the most realistic of most bogs I read! For example, I have NEVER seen a can of diet coke on any other blogs I’ve read basically ever, and whats life without a diet coke once in a while???? I’m sure any way you revamp the blog will be awesome, as long as you keep your candid sense of humor!!!

  3. Lorin says

    I really like how real your blog is, you don’t have to make your life seem glamorous because most people’s every day lives aren’t either. I always read your blog last as a treat since yours is my favorite, save the best for last! (like leaving the chocolate chips in your trail mix last)

  4. Ida says

    Nastia Liukin- I can’t even do a cartwheel! Gymnasts are so strong and flexible it blows my mind.

    There are a lot of food logs out there- i read your blog for the running and for your sense of humor.

  5. says

    Well, I wish I could say that Ryan Howard has inspired me to have hope in the Phillies taking another championship; however, after his last at bat in game 6 of the playoffs, I lost all hope. LoL, but I was very impressed with his significant weight loss and new fit bod this season. He was faster and more dynamic at 1st base. But I think it may have hurt his batting average. :(

  6. says

    I like Nastia Liukin because I used to do gymnastics. I am from Baltimore and I have heard some things about Michael Phelps, combined with his sketchy police history, that make me not so inspired by him.

    I used to be totally addicted to the food blogs but lately I have been skipping the boring “here’s a pic of my salad” in favor of the more fitness focused ones that might just post some really interesting food, or a cool recipe but not a log of every morsel they eat. I still love yours though because you seem like the one of the only “real” people that I can actually relate to. I don’t know how so many bloggers manage to consider one teeny bite of dark chocolate a special treat for dessert, but I’m more the type to eat the whole d@mn bar. Then some ice cream.

  7. says

    Michael Phelps.

    Regarding the other question, I agree with Megan above that every Larabar or handful of nuts isn’t necessary on the blog. I’m trying to keep that in mind on my blog too. People are tied to keeping food the focus as part of Foodbuzz requirements, but that doesn’t mean other things shouldn’t be featured too. We’re evolving creatures. I say let the blog evolve too, and do what feels right.

    By the way, I LOVE your sign!!!! I want one too.

  8. says

    I’d like to win! I’m probably most inspired by Nastia Luikin. I always wanted to do gymnastics growing up, and I enjoyed watching her during the olympics.

    Amy Lauren

  9. Lia says

    I don’t mind your daily eats, in fact I kind of like them. But do what you want to do. The blog is for YOU and when it comes down to it, it’s your voice that I love to read, not your food.

  10. christine says

    Michael Phelps fo’ sho’. I love Nastia Liukin, too, but swimming is more of my thing than gymnastics. Butterfly? Hell yes. Back flip? Hell no.

  11. Ella says

    I’m super with you on the Laila Ali/pink boxing gloves juxtaposition. I feel like it’s a good representation of me, tomboyish and girly all at once.

    I like your blog and second the above reader’s comment about it being soo refreshing and real, but also I think you should change and evolve however feels right to you.

  12. marie says

    I’m inspired by Michael Phelps because he’s just such an amazing athlete and I can’t swim without flippers!!

    And I like your blog as is but echo others who believe that you need to take it where you think it should go. I like the daily eats, but my fave thing is your openness with your struggles and how you’re dealing with them. I would not have discovered Geneen Roth were it not for you, and I’m getting a lot out of her books. Thank you for sharing!!

  13. says

    Your blog is really awesome the way it is because it’s so real AND readable.

    But mostly I’m commenting because my cat would have ALREADY barfed through the slats of that bed.

  14. Lindsay says

    Nastia Liukin! I was a gymnast for 12 years…I love watching her compete! Course it would be nice to eat as much as Phelps during training!lol

  15. Becca says

    Michael Phelps, wihout a doubt. I was a competitve swimmer for many years and I prided myself on using the power of my own body to be propelled through the pool. About a year before I stopped swimming, I began to develop disordered eating habits and I ended up eating under 800 calories a day. My body held on and miraculously I continued to improve until the summer before my senior year of high school when I had dropped under 100 pounds and was so thin that I couldn’t handle the temperature of an 80 degree pool. I finally came forward to my mom and continued to struggle with recovery until I began to focus on being powerful again. I looked to athletes like Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin to remind myself that powerful and healthy did not equate to thin. I swim as a means of staying in shape now, but I haven’t forgotten that in order to continue, my body needs the proper fuel.

  16. Danielle says

    Such a hard decision, but I’d have to go with Nastia Liukin – I love watching gymnastics while growing up and was so inspired by her!

  17. says

    I choose Laila Ali, too – I loved boxing during a boot camp I used to do a couple of years ago.

    I love your blog. It stands out to me in a sea of the same old “this is what I ate today” blogs. I think it’s because you let your personality come through in an honest way and you are just too damn funny. So that helps. :)

  18. says

    Hmm out of that list probably Michael Phelps – I have a lot of respect for swimmers, it is an incredible form of exercise that I wish I did more often!
    I think if you’re wanting to change your blog content you should go for it – I recently stopped posting all meals because I realized it totally wasn’t me.

  19. says

    Laila Ali – I’m inspired by her because she defied/defies the norms. She entered into a profession dominated by men and helped redefine the way people see women (in sports and beyond). I’m inspired by her strength. Also, I would love to try boxing (or kick boxing) because it’s a great work out and release of emotions.

  20. says

    RYAN HOWARD! As a diehard Phillies phan (yes, we in Philadelphia will swap “f” for “ph” at any opportunity), I’m automatically loyal to our slugger. I’m still a little broken hearted about Game 6 (and the entire post-season). Howard has brought a level of class and determination to the Phillies organization and is a true leader. He worked hard in the off season to lose weight and improve his performance through natural and healthy means. He maintains a calm on the field and in the media that is both infuriating and comforting to phans. (See, did it again). He’s a leader on the team and does a lot work in the community.

    I always remember his quote from the 2009 World Series (I think), “Just get me to the plate, boys.”

  21. Jennifer says

    Michael Phelps! I like that he seems to balance all that hard work with a little fun;)
    I love your blog because you are so real. It is inspiring to see someone I relate to accomplish amazing things (like a marathon!). And you really are too funny!

  22. Jen says

    Michael Phelps is definitely a hero of mine, along with some other athletes who aren’t on that list.

    Ever since Michael DOMINATED the 2004 Olympics, his name has become synonymous with “awesome” in my mind… when I’m running & feel like I just can’t go a step further, I imagine either him or Dean Karnazes for encouragement. I think, “Gosh, look at what those guys have achieved–how can you give up now? They didn’t give up!”

  23. Diana says

    I think Nastia Liukin is an amazing, artistic gymnast and also simply graceful celebrity. Her composure and skill is just incredible under such pressure, and that inspires me!

  24. griselda says

    I chose Laila Ali because of what she does and her families legacy. The sport was always a man’s sport and her father was one of the greatest. Then she comes out and does the same thing, representing the women out there who maybe thought that a certain career or idea was for guys only. Its so inspirational. I have always tried to do things a bit different. My way or the highway no matter what it maybe. I would like to make it a goal for myself to take a boxing class once a week. Its great for fitness and also makes me feel a little bit like Laila. (Ha ha that sounded so corny but its true.

    I love your new bed! :)

  25. says

    MICHAEL PHELPS for sure!! I have a major crush on him. Not only is he cute (which irritates my boyfriend) he’s an amazing swimmer. And I’m a swimmer! I am a total Phelps groupie. :)

  26. Trisha says

    Michael Phelps. I absolutely love water! I love swimming, water sports, water crafts, sailing, etc. I would kill to have his speed and endurance.

  27. Noelle says

    Nastia liukin! I recently began doing yoga and am already feeling more flexible, being able to do a split like Nastia would rock.

  28. says

    Definitely Laila Ali–she’s such an awesome bad-ass!

    I love how real and honest you are on RER. You share your ups, downs, and everything in-between, and that is what keeps me coming back every day to read more! Your creativity and determination inspire me, too. Keep on keepin’ on! :)

  29. Lindsay says

    Laila Ali can kick some major butt! She is an inspiration to me to be strong and beautiful all at once. Go girl!

  30. Sahar says

    I love your blog because I feel like it’s a good blend of food blog but also recipes, tips and practical application of IE along with the challenges. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

    Nastia Liukin is amazing – I have always found gymnastics fascinating, even though I’m not much of an athlete.

  31. Lora says

    Michael Phelps. Amazing freak of nature. Just amazing.

    As for the blog, yes there are way too many “daily eats” blogs out there, and I’m actually getting annoyed with some of the more popular ones as the authors are getting too big for their britches. And are getting bitchy.

    But yours is down to earth, you keep it real and you keep me laughing. So I’ll read your blog no matter what you write. :)

  32. Ashley C says

    Michael Phelps, I envy how fast and long he can swim since I can’t swim more than two laps without almost dying (I also envy how many calories he burns and can eat in a day!!)

  33. Jennifer says

    I would still read your blog, even if you changed the format, because you keep it real!
    I like how you incorporate food pictures-your pictures give me lots of ideas. I am not the best cook out there and I shy away from trying new things, however, I have become more open to trying different combinations of things because of things I have seen on here.

  34. Em says

    Laila Ali. Being a woman is a juggling act and she’s an incredible athlete and competitor plus a wife and mother. She’s doing it all — which gives me a push to go after “it all” myself! Plus she’s STRONG!! Nothing fake about her!

  35. Sharon says

    Laila Ali is my inspiration! I think that it is awesome to see a woman dominating in a male dominated sport! She is also in great shape and takes good care of herself!!

  36. Katie R says

    Nastia Liukin’s incredible strength and flexibility in gymnastics inspires me to make a commitment to attend yoga at least 3 times per week. The more I practice yoga, the stronger and more limber I become. I have really seen a change in my arm muscles–particularly my triceps–since I began practicing yoga more regularly, and I’d like to continue to build muscles :)

  37. says

    Michael Phelps. Even though I know a ton of his talent is from the way he was born and his body type, being able to spend such long hours in the pool amazes me. Crazy!!

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