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It is still HOT over here in SoCal! I don’t think I’m ready for the cold weather in San Francisco, but I’m super excited anyways!!!

Are you going to Foodbuzz? I’m easy to spot, so be sure to tell me Hi icon smile Quick Vlog

I’m probably be holding a bowl of clam chowder in a bread bowl the whole time… Monica eats carbs thumb Quick Vlog

I do have to admit that I feel guilty about not bringing Ben to this party. We have road tripped it up for SF in the past and had a total blast. Our minds are made up and as soon as we get a new car we’re back on the California road trip bandwagon again!

Lunch  ended up being a super late lunch since I ate so much for breakfast and had some dirty grapes to tide me over around noon.

I tried to talk myself out of a chickpea salad for lunch, but it’s what I really wanted so I went with it. I have a Vitatop for lunch dessert everyday in case you were wondering icon smile Quick Vlog IMG 3149 thumb Quick Vlog IMG 3150 thumb Quick Vlog

I walked to Subway for a diet Coke since I didn’t have the car and was in desperate need of one. IMG 3143 thumb Quick Vlog And I know you guys are dying for an update on my blue toe nails. They’re hanging on. IMG 3145 thumb Quick Vlog

I made Ben a potato, broccoli and cheese frittata egg scramble for dinner and ended up eating it too. But, I didn’t expect to eat it so there was no pic.

But I did remember to take a picture of these cinnamon rolls I’ve been eating and keep getting questions about. Amaze. They are in the bread section, usually near the muffins or english muffins.

IMG 3152 thumb Quick Vlog

I have dessert waiting for me now…IMG 3151 thumb Quick Vlog

This afternoon I attempted to do a trial run with my camera to make a video for Ask a Monican. Since I pressed the right button on the camera, answered the questions and didn’t say the f word, I just decided to use my “practice” one.

video7daef9ad54ac Quick Vlog
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  1. says

    Don’t worry, it’s not cold in San Francisco right now. It was well over 70 today. Which by SoCal standards is “cold” sure, but it is way warmer than the 50 degrees it was all summer. It’s suppose to be in the 60s this weekend which should be nice.

  2. says

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! You’re awesome!!! It’s pretty hilarious that someone said that you smelt like enchiladas coz I LOVE enchiladas so that’s more of a compliment than an insult.


  3. Molly says

    Cute pedicure girl! Lived thr vlog, that second question cracked me up :) I just tried vitatops for the first time yesterday and wowzas! They are good. A bit expensive though so I found a recipe on another blog to recreate them for cheaper!

  4. Valerie C. says

    Omgosh…enchiladas?! lol well…that’s actually a compliment!! Who doesn’t love enchiladas? :) I wanna smell like nutella.

  5. says

    Echo: great vlog!

    And isn’t the pineapple Chobani the BEST? My WF quit carrying it. When I asked about it, the guy said they stopped because the supplier couldn’t keep up with the demand. So now I have to search all over the city to find Chobani. I finally found it at Fresh Market (but at twice the cost).

  6. Jen says

    Ah, thanks for posting a picture of those raisin cinnamon rolls. :P I’m hitting up the store after classes today.

    Also, I love the video-blog idea! (And the smell of enchiladas = so awesome)

  7. says

    I liked the vlog- great questions and answers but I think my favourite thing about it was that the ad and suggested video after ward was something about two girls in a shower as a father’s day present. It cracked me up.

    Enjoy San Francisco! I’m jealous- I love it there. And I look forward to more vlogs~

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