Golden Gate Bridge Run

I have always wanted to run across the Golden Gate bridge, so when I realized that my roommates for the Foodbuzz Festival were Meghann and Bobbi – aka some of the baddest running bloggers around I knew I would have company on this experience.Golden Gate Bridge Meghann ended up running with Aron from Runner’s Rambles because they both have marathons coming up, so Bobbi and I went it alone. Actually we almost reconsidered when we looked out the window at 7am – it was POURING! POURING. But, we are hardcore  crazy and decided to press on with the mission.

Golden Gate Bridge pic While we were going along we realized there was a half marathon being held today. We had already planned to run that path down by the water and up to the bridge – but the race was on the same course.  running on Golden Gate Bridge We basically ended up running most of it with the racers! We planned on doing about 10 miles and did just under 13, so we joked that we ran the San Francisco half marathon today.

foggy Golden Gate Bridge

From the hotel it was about 5 miles to the bridge. By the time we got there we were beyond soaked. The puddles were unavoidable so our shoes were filled to the max with water and our clothes felt heavy too.

It was crazy, but we were on a mission to run across the Golden Gate Bridge!San Francisco city limit

Running the bridge was actually kind of scary. I saw a documentary a while back about how many people commit suicide on the Golden Gate every year. It was really sad, so don’t see it if the subject matter bothers you.close up Golden Gate Bridge The bridge pretty much always seems foggy, but today was extra gloomy because of all the rain clouds. This is a picture of the the other side of the bridge.Sausalito

We ran across the bridge then took a very muddy path (which we walked) underneath it to get to the other side and come back 

I was afraid to take too many pictures since it was raining so hard, but I was going to capture this moment!Rain on Golden Gate Bridge

Monica on Golden Gate

Close up running

Bobbi and I slowed down after we got back to our “home” side of the bridge. We both were hungry, cold and wet – time was not a priority at all.

post Golden Gate bridge run On the way back I stopped and took some pictures. Even though it’s gray, it’s gorgeous.


San Francisco fog fog in San Francisco

I made a tiny video because I wasn’t sure if the pictures would show how rainy it was. This video still doesn’t, but it’s a fun 60 seconds :)


As soon as we got back to the base of the bridge and the start of the path, we stopped and asked a cop where we could catch a taxi. He thought we were quitting the race! Boo to that. We told him we weren’t a part of it and then we set off to get a ride.IMG_3589

The pictures are blurry because
my camera lens fogged up when we got into the warm car!

I owe Bobbi something special for agreeing to come with me on this rainy run! IMG_3588 As soon as we got back to our hotel we jumped in and out of the shower super quick to get to the Foodbuzz Farewell brunch.

Foodbuzz Farewell Brunch

I had one of everything expect bacon. Wait. Actually, I had two of everything because I went back for a full plate of seconds. I was hungry!


I need more French toast in my life.

IMG_3597 And more runs with friends :)


  1. says

    Wow, hardcore! We opted for the dry route and drove across the bridge instead. Thankfully it cleared up a little later too. You’re both rockstars! Great job running across the bridge in the rain. You should definitely come back for the SF 1/2 and full marathons!

  2. says

    Wow, you two are brave. Bridges freak me out (especially the Golden Gate Bridge) and it would take a LOT of encouragement for me to do that.
    I’m sorry it rained, but it looks like you had tons of fun, anyway.

  3. says

    That is so awesome that you ran the GGB! I think it would be a little scary too… and somber to think about people’s despair on that bridge too.

    I actually think rain and fog is quite beautiful. It helps us appreciate the beauty of a warm, sunny day.

  4. says

    Wow you are my hero – 13 miles in the pouring rain makes you a serious trooper. That is amazing that you ran across the bridge – it’s on my bucket list! Sounds like you had a great trip!

  5. says

    One of these days, I want to be bad ass enough to run with you.

    I still can’t believe you and Bobbi ran in the rain. INTENSE! I love that there are pictures of racers all around you guys.

    Great to see you this weekend :)

  6. says

    Nice set of running pictures. Looks like it was a very soggy but fun run. Running over bridges is kind of fun. I got to run across a bridge across the Columbia River. I might have to add the Golden Gate bridge to my list of runs to do. Sounds like you have a great trip to San Fran. Keep up the great job.

  7. says

    I love that you battled the rain and the race and still made it to run on the bridge! I would also not be able to leave San Fran without running it!

  8. Taylor says

    I want to run across the Golden Gate. Jealous.

    Ps I thought the sf mary and half mary were in July/august? Was this something different?

  9. says

    You are totally hardcore! And you are right, the video does not even begin to do justice to the amount of rain that morning. Or the amount of mud we ran through… Your photos, though look amazing! Can I steal the one of the golden gate bridge? I will credit you of course :-)

  10. Julie says

    Wow!! I hope to do that one day!!!! That looks so fun, especially with the amazing Bobbi!! 😀

    About how long did that take you…?

    Looks like you had an amazing weekend!!! 😀

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