When the Cat’s Away…

I had an appointment for a blood test this morning. It required that I not eat for 12 hours before. Boo. Luckily, I wasn’t that hungry from all that food over the weekend. Well, I was a little hungry, but I think that was just because I knew I couldn’t eat, so I wanted to.

I made myself a yogurt/pumpkin/cottage cheese/cereal bowl with AB.

IMG 3644 thumb When the Cat’s Away… But, I packed it to go because I was going straight from the blood test to yoga.

IMG 3645 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

The nurse said, “You’re easy” in reference to my blood letting. She has no idea.

I guess my big ol’ veins come in handy.

IMG 3659 thumb When the Cat’s Away… I got to yoga a little early so I made a pit stop at Cha for Tea. I love the service at this place. All the employees are super helpful, offer samples and know a lot about their teas.

IMG 3646 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

I decided on the almond milk tea, a little less sweeter than normal and they got it perfect.

IMG 3650 thumb When the Cat’s Away… Then, I grabbed my new yoga mat and bag and headed to class. I’m going to be sticking with Level 1 for a while because I just want to focus on stretching and getting myself back to loving yoga for a while. I’m not burning a lot of calories, but I’m finally making some time to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and that’s important icon smile When the Cat’s Away…

IMG 3651 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

Post yoga I did some shopping at TJ’s for groceries and then headed home for lunch. Terra’s chips sent me these a long time ago and I keep forgetting to crack them open.

IMG 3653 thumb When the Cat’s Away… Speaking of crack, they are. IMG 3656 thumb When the Cat’s Away… Equal parts broccoli and chips. Not counting all the ones straight from the bag that is!

IMG 3657 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

When I got home last night I noticed some tupperware containers on the top of the fridge. They aren’t normally up there, so I thought it was odd.

IMG 3660 thumb When the Cat’s Away… Turns out they are full of home made chocolate chip cookies! When the cat’s away the mouse will bake!

IMG 3661 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

Ben made a huge batch of chocolate chips cookies on Saturday night. He followed the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips bag. It’s actually an inside joke because his mom’s choc chip cookie recipe is from the back of the bag, but when ever anyone else tries to make them they don’t turn out like hers. I’m convinced she had a secret ingredient or something!

IMG 3663 thumb When the Cat’s Away… I had a few cookies with some milk this afternoon. As I was unpacking I spotted the Frog Hollow Farm granola I got from the Foodbuzz Fest and had to have some of that too. Some of the best granola I’ve ever had.

IMG 3672 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

I didn’t take pictures of my dinner because I was majorly multi-tasking and didn’t plate it nicely anyways. Instead I’ll share a little trick I use to incorporate vegetables into pasta dishes…

Before I drain the cooked pasta I put broccoli (or sometimes spinach) into the colander.

IMG 3665 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

Then, I pour the boiling water with the pasta right on top of it. This gives the vegetables a quick splash of boiling water to soften them, but not make them soggy.

IMG 3666 thumb When the Cat’s Away… Then I finish the pasta dish as usual and mix everything together icon smile When the Cat’s Away… It’s a super easy way to add vegetables to Ben’s dinner without making another side dish.

IMG 3668 thumb When the Cat’s Away…

I need to finish up my training plan for my next few races – they’re coming up soon and I’ve been taking it easy since Long Beach. That will get done tonight.

Monday mini-goals:

1. 8 hours of sleep a night

2. Get back on the no-gum wagon – I fell off hard this weekend.

3. No more cookies

Right after these, that is… IMG 3680 thumb When the Cat’s Away…


  1. says

    omg i have never had those chips until we flew on jet blue to chi-town. so.freak’n.tasty.

    i love that ben made chocolate chip cookies! my mom follows the recipe on the back too, and she says she “makes them special” by pouring coffee in it. haha…

  2. Ashley C says

    Aw that is too cute that ben made cookies and then hid them. He does need to get better at hiding though, you are pretty good at seeking :-)

    I was wondering how you are doing on the gum thing because I’m a gum-addict. I chew 3 packs a day :-X Are you that bad? I quit for a month in January. It’s sad that it’s literally like a cigarette addiction to me

    Enjoy your cookies and remember not to limit yourself from anything, that’s how you did so well with the PB cups is knowing you can have it whenever. I’m pretty sure you were joking though. I’m glad you had a good trip to SF!

  3. says

    Love that Ben baked cookies! He missed you and needed something sweet. :)
    Billy can cook an amazing breakfast or dinner but the thought of him baking makes me smile.

    I feel the same way about yoga – I’m running and burning calories in other ways and yoga is my time to really stretch. I get distracted when I try to stretch at home.

  4. says

    MMM I would love to come home to tupperwears full of chocolate chip cookies – or any cookies! You are so brave I always cry when I get blood drawn. I don’t know if you asked but here are my mini goals.

    1. Do PT exercises at least twice this week
    2. Up my water intake – I am not as thirsty in the cold weather and I think I am getting dehydrated.
    3. 8 hours of sleep each night – this one keeps cropping up.

  5. Olivia says

    Do you have any advice on how not to binge on the granola? It is one of my “forbidden foods” but it looks so good to me! I’m scared to buy some…

  6. shannen says

    ben baked cookies. and hid them. you found them. hysterical x)

    olivia: try having them with greek yogurt! you’ll get a nice layer of crunch and the yogurt will fill you up! well that’s how i usually do portion control with addictive crunchies (quaker oatmeal squares!)

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