The Mummies and Ask a Monican Part II

IMG_3838After breakfast I headed to my mom’s for a trip to the museum. The California Science Center currently has the Mummies exhibit! Unfortunately, they do not allow pictures inside so this is all you get today. IMG_3848

I considered wrapping myself up in toilet paper, but that idea was vetoed in favor of not wasting a ton of tp. I’ll thank myself later.

Our entrance tickets weren’t until 1pm, so by the time we got out of the exhibit and back to civilization it was close to 3pm. I was beyond hungry by this point and we stopped at the dreaded, Applebee’s.

I had 2 onion rings while waiting for my food. Onions rings are good ish. Love them. But who eats OR with bbq sauce? I don’t get it. IMG_3850

I really felt like having a salad, but the only pescatarian option was a shrimp salad. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog before but, I do not like shrimp! I feel like biting into a shrimp is like biting into a tiny brain. Gross, huh.

Anyways, given that I wasn’t in the mood for brains, I went against my personal moral code (and I’m not even in Vegas!) and ordered a chicken salad. This was greeted by shock from my dining guests and made me immediately regret that choice. IMG_3852

At that point it was done and I ate it. But, I do plan on re-examining my views asap as I feel like I’m not myself lately. My food choices haven’t been making my body or spirit as happy as I’d like. Deep thoughts for a Friday night, I know. 

When we got back to my mom’s we took the dogs for a walk and I realized a salad does not make an adequate meal & snack for this girl. I had an apple-banana with PB and a PB&J. IMG_3856Much better.

IMG_3854After battling the nail salon and traffic I got home after 8pm and had leftovers for dinner that I didn’t capture with the camera. It happens.

But, I did capture my 2nd Ask a Monican segment


1. Where did you have the best pizza of your life?

2. Tips for beginning runners.


  1. says

    How super cute are you?! LOL. I love your video posts and this series. Hope you keep it up. I will have to think of some questions to send in. Oh, and you get bonus points for saying En-chee-lah-thas and not In-chill-ahh-duhs. ::Thumbs up:: I love that I am not the only red-headed, white girl out there who speaks Span-eesh!

  2. says

    Oh I already thought of one. LOL. WTF is an Apple-Banana?! I would like you to peel that on film please. LOL. I have never seen or heard of one of those.

  3. says

    Loved the video segment. I’ll have to think up some questions for you. Your video inspired me to go out for a run!

    I know what you mean about the food you eat not making your body happy. I’ve been feeling the same way. Especially when it comes to getting my body into training mode. I keep saying I’ll change some my eating habits but so far I haven’t changed them much.

  4. says

    I love Chicago deep dish…actually I love all Chicago pizza. I have never had a bad slice there. Congrats on doing videos. I don’t have the courage to do that quite yet.

  5. griselda says

    i had theee best pizza from a place called flippin pizza in carlsbad, ca. its a brick oven type of place and they call their pizzas pies (which is funny because the name of the place has the word pizza in it) but it is thin crust and just delicious! :) i just finished watching your yourtube videos and think you are even more awesome after watching it! im lame sorry but i really love your blog!

  6. Cat says

    Hey! Just watched your adorable Ask a Monican video. Wanted to add that someone who has a 100 pounds to lose should definitely be sure they talk to their doc about it and also be SUPER fastidious about how their joints feel as they start to run. Having extra weight in that neighborhood puts extreme pressure on your joints and you need to be VERY careful about that!

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