Vegetable Veggie Burger

Lunch was a mix of leftover green beans, baked cheese curls and a veggie burger. Those cheese curls are addicting!


I usually use veggie burgers as a protein replacement in my meals, but this one doesn’t have much (5 grams). Luckily, I had an egg based breakfast, so my blood sugar is feeling pretty stable and I could enjoy my veggie filled veggie burger today Smile 


I talked myself out of buying dark chocolate covered almond toffee yesterday, but am still craving dark chocolate big time. I tried to satisfy the craving with TJ’s chocolate callets, but they’re not the same.


I used to have a piece of gum after every meal. It was like my “end of eating” signal, but since I’m trying to cut back on gum this month I don’t have that stop to the meal. I might have to take a “moderation” approach instead of of cutting it out all together since it’s doing me a disservice at this point.


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    Is that a Dr. Praeger’s? Love those, but they don’t sell them at my local store :( I’m also curious about your decision not to chew gum. I used to chew it a lot and have cut back to only a couple pieces a day. I’ll sometimes have an altoid instead since I like to have the minty flavor after I eat.

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    So, maybe it doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but…I keep some tea that I really like on hand, brew it til it’s good and strong, then sip on that sometimes after meals. It’s a little sweet without adding any sweetener and a good way to signal, “I’m done eating for now.”

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    Gum always makes me hungry, I don’t think I could ever chew it after a meal. But good for you for cutting it out! All of those chemicals, artificial colors and sugars aren’t good for you anyway.

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