Mug of Love


I am cold, but cannot be stopped from making smoothies for breakfast! After an easy 6 miler this morning I tried to talk myself into different, warmer breakfast options. But, I reeeeally wanted a smoothie! So that was that. In the mix: ice, frozen spinach, protein powder, almond milk, chia seeds. On the side I enjoyed PB&PB toast. It’s December 1st! I love my new … [Read more...]

Try, Try Again


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Even when that comes to baking cookies where the first batch comes out super dry and flat. And even though recipe #2 isn’t perfect, the saying isn’t “Try, Try, Try Again” so I only get two tries Eggnog Cookies I had this amazing and possibly overconfident idea to make another eggnog flavored dessert -this time in cookie form. … [Read more...]

You Decide


Wearing my running clothes, but got side tracked with a genius baking idea… Procrastinating a run? Or Working hard for the blog? You Decide. On second thought, don’t… these cookies look a little flat… Darn it. … [Read more...]