Lucky Lunch

I went to a Kickboxing class this morning at my new gym. It was my first time at this gym and my first time taking a KB NOT in MD. I have to admit that the one thing that’s better in MD over CA is the Kickboxing classes I used to attend. I loved them and miss it a lot!

However, I just got back from a short walk and CA currently looks like this outside, so I’ll take that trade off Smile


I had an early lunch after KB…


Every time I make a salad with TJ’s peanut dressing I think, “The one thing missing is some peanuts on top…” but I remembered to pick some up this morning so it was perfect!


Tip: I put some Pico de Gallo on this salad and it totally works. Cilantro goes well with Thai / peanut kind of sauces and the onions and tomatoes blended seamlessly.

I also picked up a container of egg white salad. I have been craving egg salad big time and didn’t want to wait to boil eggs, peel them, make the egg salad… So, this is a lazy lunch in addition to being a lucky one.


See? I ate lunch early, but it’s at a lucky time! Does anyone else make a wish when all the numbers are the same?


Fun fact: I ALWAYS make the same wish and decided I will tell Ben on my death bed what my wishes have been all those years <3

I just bit into this honey crisp apple and have decided that “Honey Crisp” is a good name for a baby girl. IMG_5202

I guess my future baby is lucky I’m not pregnant right now or she’d end up with that name!


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    I’m so jealous of your southern california weather. I just finished shoveling my driveway. Northern Virginia only got a couple inches; it’s pretty, but man is it inconvenient.

    I’m sorry your kickboxing class didn’t meet your MD expections.

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    I have never heard of this “make a wish at 11:11” thing. But anytime the time is all the same number I think of my husband. And when he calls from work I’ll tell him “hey, I thought of you today at 12:12 and 3:33” changing the numbers around depending on when I actually saw them that particular day.

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