Perfect Timing

Yep, still raining.image thumb1 Perfect Timing

I don’t even know what to say about it. But, I am considering building an ark. Call me Noah.

Ben has been biking to work, but due to the rain I drove him again today.

IMG 5430 thumb Perfect Timing

We were running late because we stayed up late last night fighting talking. Very late. Like, we both agreed we needed a midnight snack before we could go back to sleep. PB&J and milk makes the best midnight snack wlEmoticon smile30 Perfect Timing  Okay okay, this was a 2am snack, but snacks don’t have to have perfect timing anyways. I might start late night fights just so I can have more PB&Js in my life. Maybe. IMG 5416 thumb Perfect Timing

This morning I made Ben oatmeal to-go so he wouldn’t be late and I could make it to a Kickboxing class.

IMG 5429 thumb Perfect Timing

It was perfect timing! I got to class on time and did 20 minutes of easy Stairmaster after. I think joining the gym was perfect timing too! I just joined maybe 2 weeks ago and the rain is making me very glad I did.

IMG 5432 thumb Perfect Timing

After a quick stop at a toy store for an airplane (that was unsuccessful) I made a soy chorizo egg scramble with veggies. That’s a long name!

IMG 5435 thumb Perfect Timing

Plus my last Honeycrisp Apple. I’m still munchy. IMG 5436 thumb Perfect Timing

Question of the day: Is it okay to sneeze on your own food?

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  1. says

    I guess that song about it never raining in California is wrong. Hopefully it’ll dry up soon.
    I’m okay with sneezing on my own food, although I don’t make common practice of it.

  2. Dynamics says

    Okay, picture me on one elbow reading your blog. Then a resounding NOOOOOOO. You are so gross…then laughter. This is why I love this blog. I never know what you are going to do or say. Good thing I work from home. I might have disturbed my co-workers with my outburst.

  3. says

    Depending on how stuffy you are that day, lol jk just make sure you turn your head really fast! And I fell off the Stairmaster at my gym once, true story.

  4. says

    Sorry about the late night fight – never fun (except, of course, for the late-night snack).
    And – it is never okay to sneeze on your own food, lol! Unless maybe it’s that apple, since you can wash the skin. Or an banana or something that’s peeled would be okay : )

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