Trail Closed

Ben and I took a little walk this morning and came across a collapsed fork in the road. A huge chunk of the street fell through and made it impassable.

IMG 6145 thumb Trail Closed

All the rain the week before last really damaged some roads and trails around Orange County (and other parts of Southern California).

IMG 6147 thumb Trail Closed

Most of this section completely broke off!

IMG 6149 thumb Trail Closed

The power of water is amazing.

IMG 6153 thumb Trail Closed

We found another way to go and continued on our way.IMG 6157 thumb Trail Closed

IMG 6155 thumb Trail Closed

We came back and had showers and lunch to fuel up for the rest of the day.IMG 6160 thumb Trail Closed

On the agenda: cashing in our Best Buy gift certificates for a TV!

IMG 6163 thumb Trail Closed

I’m not fancy and don’t really care about stuff like this, but Ben was excited to get something bigger than a computer monitor to watch Dexter wlEmoticon smile12 Trail Closed

IMG 6162 thumb Trail Closed

Then, we scooted next door to Whole Foods. Love.

IMG 6168 thumb Trail Closed

I (apparently very seriously) introduced Ben to the world of juice. I got my usual, detox – in a large up with tons of ice, wheat grass on the side.

IMG 6170 thumb Trail Closed

I ordered him the Dr. Oz green drink It was a little sour and I’m not sure if Ben was a fan.

IMG 6169 thumb Trail Closed

We picked up dinner from WF. I got some salad bar and Ben got a salmon teriyaki bowl. His was better than mine.

IMG 6176 thumb Trail Closed

Whew! Now we’re going to settle in for some hot cocoa and snuggling before calling it a night. See you tomorrow!


  1. says

    VERY COOL looking and also pretty d*mn scary
    and Im stealing the concept for my day
    I had a little TRAIL CLOSED MOMENT this morning (metaphorically) and need to step back. look. assess. and decide what to do!

    • says

      I love that you turned that into a metaphor! Have you ever read “Who Moved My Cheese”? – I’ve been meaning to check it out again, probably for a similar (trail closed) situation.

  2. says

    I don’t know why but I have the hardest time with juice. I am so afraid to spend the money on something that I may not like and the thought of mixing all those different ingredients together makes me nervous…I know this sounds crazy…I do love a pinapple blueberry smoothir from the famers market…but only becuase I snagged a drink of the hub’s one Sunday morning after eating a very spicy empanada and fell in love. Can you recommend a sweet newbie concoction that I could start out with..please:)

    That whole in the road is a scary one..YIKES!!

  3. says

    That is a crazy amount of damage! I can’t even imagine seeing that! Ben’s dinner looks awesome, I would have totally chosen that over salad any day :)

  4. David says

    That’s my local Whole Foods store and I’ve dropped a dollar or (several hundred) in that Best Buy. :) As far as “food bars” go, I think they have one of the best in OC.

  5. says

    My husband and I cashed in a ton of gift cards to get our TV too. I wasn’t that concerned with it, but I have to admit I love having a nicer one! And my husband is super pleased.

  6. says

    HOLY GNARLY photos. that is crazy! i laughed about your best buy experience. we just had to buy a new TV and were at best buy looking at the huge array of screens. marshall asked which one i liked best, i say: “the cheapest one”–seriously, i don’t care! haha. he ended up getting his beloved sharp which he has been pining after. thank god for 3 years interest free, right?

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