Bring the Hood to the Hood To Coast

My afternoon snackage consisted of trail mix (that I forgot to take a picture of), yogurt and cereal. Then, I went to class. Spring semester starts this week!


Since it was the first day I got out early and had some time to spare. I went home and changed into workout clothes so I could do Jillian’s Six Week Six Pack DVD.

So yeah. I changed into some work out clothes, did the first set of moves and then decided to make a sandwich. I am tragic, but I was Hungry.


Ben and I were going to eat dinner out, but I opted to save my extra calories for some movie popcorn and eat a sandwich from home.


We got to the theater pretty early and walked around for a while before going in.

Now that Ben has had his eyes open to the world of See’s Candy he’s obsessed. We went in to get him a treat and they offered a sample (they give out samples every time you come in). I can’t turn down a dark chocolate anything. In my defense I just ate the chocolate from the outside and gave the guts to Ben. That’s pretty much how I roll with boxed chocolates. Gross, but true.


Move Time! We went to see Hood To Coast Smile


Ben and I shared a medium popcorn. (The reason I go to the movies most of the time.)


Hood to Coast was a great movie! Loved it. Now I want to do a relay race soooo bad. I would love to do Hood, so if you happen to already be signed up (it’s full, so it’s too late if you’re not) and need a runner – count me in! Please.

While watching the movie I got super pumped about a relay race and am determined to find one. If you are in need of a relay runner please contact me. But in all fairness I need to warn you –

Warnings before inviting RER to run a Relay:

1. I’m scared of the dark. Is there anyway I can avoid running in the dark during a 24 hour race?

2. I pee about every hour. And I’m not good at peeing on the side of the road.

3. Suggestion: I think we should use a certain “baton shaped adult toy” to pass off Winking smile Hey, it’s a  multi-purpose prop!

4. I’m only half as funny and twice as slow as I seem on RER in “real life”.

5. I may eat all the chocolate off any candy bars we have in the van and leave you with just the guts. Sorry.

I have to thank Ben for coming with me to see yet another running documentary. He’s already watched The Spirit of the Marathon with me twice. He’s nice.



  1. says

    it WAS an awesome movie!! that crazy team that didn’t even train?? ugh.

    I have lived in Oregon most of my life, and have yet to run the HTC… I have many running friends that do it each year, though, and it’s pretty amazing :)

  2. says

    I’d love to hear about about your thoughts between the relationship of your protein consumption and that of Intuitive Eating. Also, had Blueberry Chobani for the first time. HEAVEN!!!!! :)

  3. says

    I emailed you earlier this week about joining us for Ragnar in June! Did you get it? We’d love to have you on our team!! DO IT!! And I know you’re just as funny and not at all slow in real life, don’t lie. ;P

  4. says

    U and ben are too sweet! Love the last pic, seriously you guys I know would be awesome to hang out with : )

    I think that rocks that BFL is working for you, I wish you the best on it ; ) no popcorn domination! lol!

    Have a great day! Monica also what kind of canon camera model is yours?! I just ordered a canon dslr! Im excited to get it and start learning more about photography, and better pics for real ; )

  5. Sarah W. says

    I’m so glad you’re noticing the same connection with increase protein that I am! I am bingeing less, and for instance, I had 1 trader joe’s reduced guilt brownie and felt OK, whereas, normally I would have come home starved at 4pm and devoured like 3 or more. :)

    Loving it!

    Tho, I have to admit, my scale is NOT making me happy. I was 151.5 on Sunday, but now the scale is showing 153.5 :( I have also increased my calories a tad, I’m sticking between 1350-1500 on a daily basis, trying to vary it. I feel like MAYBE i wasn’t eating enough before. So i’ll give it another week and see how the 1400 calories is doing for me in terms of weight loss :(

  6. says

    i’ve run similar relays twice (the same one–the mc200 from Madison, WI to Chicago, iL). It was a BLAST–seriously some of the most fun running ever–there’s just something about running at 2 am with a headlamp :) We’re actually taking our team farther away and running the Gettysburg to DC one in the Fall. I can’t wait!

  7. says

    Well you might have better luck looking at other Relay races instead of HTC. You have to have a full team and registration opens in October I think. I got lucky last year and my team got in. My teammates tried to register for this year and it was full.

    It’s also a lottery. AND if your team did NOT get in the previous year you get preferential treatment the following year for being picked in the lottery.

    Oh and if you’re scared of the dark…good luck! My second leg was at 4am in the MIDDLE OF FREAKIN’ nowhere! It was pitch black even with a headlamp, cold, scary, and there were animal noises in the darkness. :)

  8. says

    I did the Massachusetts RAGNAR last year as an Ultra Team and I am also afraid of the dark. Our solution? One of our “team cars” would park behind me as I ran half a mile to light up the way, then move up ahead of me a half mile and wait for me. I am a super scaredy cat so it helped! I also pee every hour, but I got very talented at going on the side of the road (it didnt help that my 5 teammates were all men and just didnt get it!)

    Anyways, it was A LOT of fun! I did it with 5 strangers from twitter and we had a blast. So much so that I signed up for another first year ultra relay in May with some of my coworkers!! Id definitely recommend doing one!

  9. says

    Seriously, Hood to Coast is THE best relay out there. I’ve done it twice and plan on doing it again this year. Finding a team is relatively easy so long as you stay active on the official race message boards and jump on vacancies as soon as they open up. Thats how everyone I’ve ever ran it with has gotten on a team, its totally doable :)

    I too felt like I need to pee the whole time, luckily there are porta potties galore. (thank goodness because I was the lone female on my team last year)

    As far as running in the dark, unless your team is willing to switch up the legs of the race, you’re bound to do it. Its a little scary, but I found I ran my fastest in the dark.

  10. says

    Relays seriously are the best! It is my dream to organize a great blogger relay team. After 28 hours with no showers, many porta-potties, lots of bagels, and a disgusting van, I was dying to do it all again!

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