Off To AZ

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot I am going to Arizona tonight!! I never take road trips too seriously (read: leave everything to the last minute). I guess that’s because Ben and I used to take off on a moments notice on random trips when we were in love (the term I use for when we were first dating) Winking smile

We went to Rosarito on whim (hello, Mexico). And our 3rd date was to the Grand Canyon. Look at how young Ben looks without the scruff!monica and ben grand can

Yosemite to climb Half Dome (it’s like 8 hours away and we left randomly after work one Friday afternoon).Yosemite - Half Dome 08-08 084

And then there’s that time we drove across the country with everything we owned.


So yeah, a weekend in the next state seems like no biggie Smile But since I’m supposed to run a half marathon it is a big deal that I pack everything I need to run. I made a list and hope I fit it all in my overnight suitcase.IMG_6383

I was hungry all morning – maybe those French Toast Cups need something for more staying power? Anyway, I ate a pear while packing…IMG_6385

I still made lunch early – and it was a big one! I made a fake chicken salad with peanut dressing and a turkey sandwich.IMG_6388

Plus half a Larabar for dessert. This was the Smores flavor – not a fan.IMG_6389

The Healthy Living Blogs website is having a contest to send 1 lucky blogger to Camp Blogaway. Before I leave I must give you the top 7 reasons why I should go to Camp Blogaway:

1. Because I’m asking nicely. Publicly.

2. Because I almost spelled “public” as “pubic” and considered leaving it to give you a laugh.

3. I love traveling and this would be another road trip for me!

4. I have been writing RER for close to 3 years now (!) and would love this opportunity.

5. I checked out the list of speakers and know I would learn a lot!

6. I’ll bring snacks for my fellow travelers!

7. If you see me at the conference and take a picture of me looking like I just woke up I’ll still let you post it on your blog (even though I may attempt to get even at some point).

HLS just woke up

See you in another state!


  1. Valerie @ Love and Running says

    Im going to Arizona too for the rock and roll half marathon. Maybe we can meet up :)

    I also havent packed yet! Were leaving tomorrow morning!

    Good luck at the race and maybe I’ll see you there :)

  2. Amanda says

    Have fun in the half mary! Perhaps some almond butter would give the french toast cups staying power, almond butter can fix anything! Or peanut butter for that matter…..

  3. says

    Best of luck in the 1/2!! and OMG Ben looks like a completely different person without the scruff. Are you sure you are still with the same man? :)

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