Mexican Meatless Monday for Lunch

Ahhh, I am currently obsessed with this refreshing beverage…

lemon la croix

Lemon Croix with extra lemon. Amaze.

lemon le croix

It’s time for another Mexican Meatless Monday. This time I’m enjoying this meal as lunch.

Yesterday’s taco salad inspired me to use up some ingredients that were about to turn to the dark side and create a salad of my own. taco salad

I originally planned on making a wet burrito with my leftover beans and meatless crumbles, but the gorgeous warm weather has me craving another salad.meatless ground

For an extra punch of protein I made a taco salad dressing with greek yogurt and salsa. I am not a fan of greek yogurt as sour cream, so I didn’t love this dressing. If you like sour cream then it’s probably good though (way to sell it, huh).

salsa and greek yogurt

My taco salad is tragically missing guacamole. Unfortunately, the avocados we picked at my mom’s yesterday will not be ripe for a couple of days.

On the bed of lettuce and mushrooms: beans and meatless crumbles (warmed and mixed together) salsa, baked tostitos scoops, cheese and Cholula.

home made taco salad

Lessert (lunch dessert) a chocolate calcium chew. I’m sad that I’m out of the dark chocolate disks now. The good thing about these chews is they’re a lot cheaper, you can get them at Costco or Trader Joe’s and it’s easier to NOT eat 5 at a time…

calcium chew

Tip: Have avocados you want to get ripe a little faster? Put them in a paper bag in a dark place.avocados


  1. says

    Yay!!! Just realized I’m celebrating Meatless Mexican Monday! (Totally giving you a shout out tonight!) and I also just realized I completely misplaced my avocados that I bought at the store yesterday. WTH, I have no idea where they went!?!?!

  2. says

    I love sour cream and guac. I just can’t pick. Ok, so if forced I’d have to go with sour cream, because it’s smoother. Agh my darn texture preferences!

  3. says

    Meanwhile, I have 3 ripe avocados and cannot possibly or should not eat them before they all go bad. Too bad you’re not my neighbor. I would totally loan you one. The key word being “loan”. :)

  4. says

    I just bought that meatless ground and was gonna use it for the same thing this week! or i thought of using it on a pizza!

    and have you ever tried cucumbers in your water? it’s even better than lemon or limes!

  5. says

    hey girl! love the meatless monday..

    do you know of any faux meats that don’t use soy? i love vegetarian “meats” but i can’t find many that don’t use soy and i can’t have it because it affects my thyroid medicine’s affectiveness!

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