Jillian’s Shoes and Jillian’s Moves


Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise in the mail – a pair of Jillian Michael’s new K-Swiss Tubes Shoes. I’m very loyal to my Asics running shoes, but since I have these I thought I’d give ‘em a whirl. Supposedly the tube aspect of it helps with cushioning and flexibility. I have not run with them so I can’t speak to that. Mostly, I like that they’re dark since all … [Read more...]

Tempura Banana


I had another glamorous lunch of Lean Cuisine and veggies. I know, don’t be a jelly belly we can’t all eat this good. But this meal came with a show. Vegas wanted to climb on top of our front door. Spider Cat, Spider Cat… He doesn’t believe in gravity. I wish I didn’t either. Mid-afternoon I had a major chocolate chip cookie craving. Major. I considered going to a … [Read more...]